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Carel Willemse












Shaun Sproule


How's it going. I'm Shaun, the editor. What a year it’s going to be! We have big plans for our 80th year. Expect us to get all in your face with our informative content, entertaining event coverage, top class journalism, and a whole range of exciting things to come. 
Being in charge of something so old and important is a great privilege and I will be working hard to represent the voice of the students. 
I’m a friendly guy, come have a coffee in my office.







Ditebogo Tshaka
News Editor

Hello, I’m Ditebogo, your news editor. You’re right to have this sense of déjà vu. Yes, I’ve been here before and we’re now on the flip side. This time around the block I hope we can rely on each other to tell all the narratives and create a more well-informed, equitable, inclusive and diverse university for current and future years. 
You can dial me up (or send a carrier hadeda because I love birds and letters) anytime and I might give you an earful about my next cartilage piercing while we deplete my tea boxes, and bond over graphic novels and telenovelas.









Sam Mukwamu
Features Editor

Bonjour! I am Sam, your friendly neighbourhood Features editor for 2018. I am a BSc Geology student and my home language is French, so excuse me if English bad, introduction no make good sense. Just kidding. This is my second year working at Perdeby in the Features section, and my first as section editor. I’m very much looking forward to the challenges that this position, as well the new year will bring. I am a lover of many things, such as sport, music, literature and ruining classic Disney movies for anybody who is willing to listen. I am also a firm believer that the great Emperor Palpatine did nothing wrong.






Claudine Noppe
Entertainment Editor

This year I have the amazing privilege to be Perdeby’s entertainment editor. It is a big year for the publication as it is our 80th year, so you can expect great things, especially from my marvellously talented team. I am currently in my third year of Consumer Science with my main focus on food in the hospitality sector. Basically food is life to me. I am also a firm believer that if I do not bring up my vegetarianism in random conversation I’m not a real vegetarian. See what I did there? Simple things like succulents, good music and ice cream make me impeccably happy. Be assured; you can definitely buy my affections with a large cup of coffee. If you want to talk women’s rights I will always be available to fight the patriarchy. Hashtag girl power.








Ntombikayise Mkandhla
Sports Editor

My father named me Ntombikayise but please bbz, call me Ntombi.
I love coconut oil, castor oil and people's kinky curlies on Instagram. If I weren't a Perdebae, I'd probably spend more time watching Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel. Just as well I'm a part of the team else I'd have missed out on this thrilling journey of being Sport editor.
Every publication, I look back at my section, amazed at the diverse sporting talents our peers have. So, if Dr Google says what you do is a sport and you know you do it well, hit us up. We'd love to share your story too.








Lorinda Marrian
Online Content Editor

Greetings! I’m Lorinda and the online content editor. I am just awful at introductions so all I am going to say about myself is that I love my dogs, getting lost in far too many fandoms and that I have a ridiculous amount of random facts stored in my brain. Did you know that Stephen Colbert, Jim Carrey and Kevin Hart all auditioned for SNL but weren’t funny enough to become cast members? Well, now you do. If you love daily, relevant and quirky content on a diverse amount of issues, make sure to check our website every day for new content.











Tayisiya Rozova
Layout Editor

Hey guys, I'm Taya and I do all the layout. A lot of people ask me what layout is. It's hard to explain, so just know it's super fancy and technical. You can sit with us.









Georgina Class
 Copy Editor

Hi, I'm Georgina. I'm the head copy editor and as such I rarely have to write anything, so this introduction is proving to be quite daunting. I'm a fine art student and can be found wandering around the Visual Arts building or sitting in Haloa drinking coffee I can't afford and attempting to look interesting. 







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