Wannabee fashion puts sexy back into studies

The Wannabee clothing store was officially launched on Tuesday September 15 by the Enterprise at UP Trust.

Students protest SRC elections

The University of Pretoria’s annual Student Assembly elections were postponed on Tuesday September 8 after protest action threatened the safety of staff and students.

Big Brother gets an upgrade

The new Operational Management Centre has officially been opened at the Department of Security Services. This high tech centre monitors some 500 CCTV cameras on UP campuses and residences.

Illegal gathering blows the same old hot air

An illegal gathering was held on campus on Friday, August 21. The ANC Youth League presided over a meeting in protest...

Chakalaka to heat up campus

There is a hot new flavour heading for Tuks and it promises to spice up student life. Chakalaka is a brand new interactive show designed to let students voice their opinions and concerns.


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