Tuks set to defend moot court title

Moot court season has officially arrived at Tuks. The preparations are underway and nothing remains except the fine touches.

IEC left out of negotiations

In the aftermath of the disrupted SRC elections, Perdeby had a quiet cup of coffee with Leana Engelbrecht, chairperson of the IEC. The election, which had been her responsibility to organise, election did not go to completion due to the protest by the Student Front.

DA prepares for fourth leadership programme

The DA will be hosting a leadership programme for the training of young politicians. The programme will run throughout 2010 and is open to application by non-members of the party.

Disability awareness day

There was quite a lot of canine commotion on the Tuks campus on Friday September 4 as dogs and humans alike descended on the Piazza.

Wannabee fashion puts sexy back into studies

The Wannabee clothing store was officially launched on Tuesday September 15 by the Enterprise at UP Trust.


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