New student parking under development

A new parking area is currently under development for students on the Hatfield Campus. The proposed parking area comes after UP busses on the Hatfield Campus were moved to an interim terminal situated on the corner of Duxbury Road and Herold Street.

According to UP Director of Facilities Management, Prof. Susan Adendorff, there was congestion of busses on the Ring Road of the Hatfield Campus. “Due to the bus congestion, we were asked to move busses off campus,” said Prof. Adendorff. An interim measure was arranged for all busses to be stationed at the bus terminal on Duxbury Road. This meant that the current student parking, parking lot H29, had to be divided to allow for the bus terminal. The interim bus terminal resulted in a decrease in student parking. A section of the area across from the bus terminal was identified for the development of additional student parking.

New website created for students to search for tutors


A UP final-year Mechanical Engineering student, Nick Ndhlovu, has created a website for UP students to find a tutor at any time of the day.

The website, Creative Genes, currently caters for UP students only, but Ndhlovu hopes to expand to other universities in the near future. Creative Genes is a website where students can search for a tutor for any subject with the tutor’s contact details readily available on the website. According to Ndhlovu, the idea of the website is to allow students to contact tutors who are nearby at any time of day for assistance in a specific subject “even if it is the night before a test”.

Centre for Human Rights welcomes ICC court judgement


UP’s Centre for Human Rights (CHR) based at the Faculty of Law has welcomed the recent High Court decision against South Africa’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

On 22 February a full bench of the Gauteng Division gave its judgment in the case of Democratic Alliance v Minister of International Relations and Cooperation and Others. The CHR joined as a party to the proceedings by the applicant for its interest in the matter, and argued that withdrawal from the ICC was unconstitutional based on four reasons. Firstly, the decision to withdraw violated the separation of powers. Secondly, the decision was taken without any public participation. Thirdly, the decision was irrational because the means were not rationally connected to the ends. Lastly, it was inconsistent with government’s obligations under sections 1(d) and 7(2) of the Constitution.

NSFAS to fund over 400 000 students in 2017

On 19 February, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) Board Chairperson, Sizwe Nxasana, said in a media briefing that NSFAS will loan funds to 409 788 students nationwide. According to Nxasana, Dr Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education and Training, allocated R15.2 billion to the NSFAS funding budget for 2017.Nxasana said that January and February were “business as unusual” for NSFAS. According to him, this is due to NSFAS using the new Student-Centre Model at universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges. “This new model will allow NSFAS to establish a direct relationship with its students from the time they enter higher education until post-graduation,” said Nxasana.

Perdeby Writing Lab

Perdeby will be launching a six-week writing program, commencing in the week of 27 February. The writing course will aim to teach students basic English writing skills, such as the importance of plain English, the use of plain English for second-language English readers, sentence structure, grammar, and how to write an article. The writing lab will run several times a year, and for the pilot course, only 20 applicants will be accepted.


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