Perdeby Writing Lab

Perdeby will be launching a six-week writing program, commencing in the week of 27 February. The writing course will aim to teach students basic English writing skills, such as the importance of plain English, the use of plain English for second-language English readers, sentence structure, grammar, and how to write an article. The writing lab will run several times a year, and for the pilot course, only 20 applicants will be accepted.

Proposed new centre for visual impairment studies

The Department of Higher Education and Training has recently received a support grant from the European Union, a portion of which is being used to fund the University of Pretoria.

The R9 952 000 grant allocated to UP will be used by the Faculty of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology, to launch a Centre for Visual Impairment Studies, which they will use to develop a teaching qualification specifically for students who are visually impaired. The Head of the Department of Educational Psychology, Professor Ronél Ferreira, will lead the project and will be supported by Dr Maximus Sefotho, a lecturer in the education department. Dr Ruth Mampane of the Department of Educational Psychology, Maria Ramaahlo from UP’s Disability Unit, and Professor Juan Bornman. who is the director of the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication will also be assisting with the project. The programme will be established in association with stakeholders such as NGOs and community-based organisations that have knowledge of visual impairment.

Who to contact when you need help


At UP, there are a variety of services available to assist students. These services include medical, legal and security assistance. Here’s a look at some of UP’s support services that are available to registered UP students.

Temporary Student Committee appointed for 2017


Due to disruptions by the Fees Must Fall protests during the second semester at UP last year, a Temporary Student Committee (TSC) was appointed by the UP council. The TSC was appointed to take care of urgent Student Representative Council (SRC) business until such a time that fair SRC elections can be held again. The TSC consists of four members from the 2016 SRC and another eight members from various other student governing bodies.

Sexual assualt at UP: what you need to know

The University of Pretoria has a zero-tolerance approach to sexual assault, per the University’s code of conduct on handling sexual assault. The code of conduct reinforces that perpetrators and victims may take the form of any gender, sexual orientation, race or social class. There are several student structures that students can approach for advice and assistance on matters relating to sexual harassment and assault.


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