Support for students as suicide rates rise


On 4 August a student at the Jasmyn residence attempted suicide. According to UP spokesperson, Rikus Delport, TuksRes alerted emergency services as soon as they became aware of the situation and the student was released into the care of her parents after receiving the necessary medical attention. Delport said, “The house mother and her team did everything in their control to ensure the student received the help she needed.” He further went on to say, “Counselling support was offered to the students involved and we encourage those who still feel the need it to make use of the University’s counselling services on campus.”

Hooqey aims to connect students with one another


Hooqey is an international social networking platform designed for students to keep in touch with one another and to be updated on what’s happening at their university. Perdeby spoke to the person behind the creation of Hooqey, Thulas Maziya. Maziya came up with the idea while he was a student at UP. Maziya said that he went onto Facebook to see what was happening on campus on a day when it had been raining heavily.

VarsityFootball final ends in violence

On 28 September UP-Tuks played against Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in the VarsityFootball men’s finals at the TUT stadium.

The game ended with six and a half minutes on the clock when TUT supporters disrupted the match by throwing stones onto the soccer pitch allegedly in an attempt to level the score. Reportedly two people were injured as a result of the violence that erupted.

Riot police were called to the match and shot stun grenades and rubber bullets into the crowd in order to disperse the rioting students.

'Democracy & Delusion' book launch


On 11 October the Department of Political Sciences hosted a book launch at the Humanities building to present Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh. Mpofu-Walsh is a prominent student activist and musician and he is currently pursuing a doctorate at Oxford University. He recently released a book and a hip-hop album both titled Democracy & Delusion: 10 Myths in South African Politics. “I wanted to do something that has never been done before", said Mpofu-Walsh when he was giving a brief introduction to his work. The book launch facilitated a conversation on vast political topics such as land reformation, free higher education, the Marikana massacre and Zuma's administration.

Campus News Bites 18 September 2017

UP participates in intervarsity beer brewing competition

Sixteen tertiary institutions, including UP, participated in the 10th annual SAB Intervarsity Beer Brewing competition.

The competition was first held in 2006. According to the SAB, the competition was started “as a means of encouraging responsible beer appreciation amongst students and to introduce prospective SAB employees to the business. In addition to this, (the) SAB uses the initiative to help create a beer culture in South Africa”.

In this year’s competition, UP achieved first place in the “No. 3 Fransen Street Best Speciality Beer” category for “Cloudy with a chance of Ginger”. UP also achieved third place in the “Carling Black Label Best Lager” category for “Dark Deer”.


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