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Pssst... 11 May 2015

 Pssst… is as excited for serrie as anyone else. Not for the performance, but so we can see who drops lip and who sneaks into the finals. Not pointing any fingers, Madelief.

The Katte seem to be on an external streak after last year’s placement and an Ienk finish, but Pssst… is not expecting any surprises this year. The try-hards on medical campus are going to be difficult to beat. Who else has practice at 08:00 in the morning, during the holidays, after their own main culture event? Haven’t the Kloekies got better things to do? Like learning to save people’s lives?

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Pssst... 21 April 2015

It’s been quite a break but Pssst… is back with a vengeance and knows when reses are slipping up.

Pssst… realised that every res spent last week trying to get their events out the way and focus on serrie. Jasmyn started by having a Mexican party in the height of cultural unrest in the country. Erika, on the other hand, were pompous enough to have a pageant for just their own girls. Way to make sure you come out with a win there. It’s not often that you get outclassed by Jasmyn, but at least the Slurpies let other people have fun too.

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Pssst...16 March 2015

Pssst... is really starting to get bored with all this lack of activity. We understand it’s engineering week, but then what’s your excuse Groenkloof?

Serrie practice has provided some excitement, but not for those doing it. Boekenhout seem to be using the “try to be louder and scarier than everybody else” tactic again. If it didn’t work in the last couple of years, what makes you think it’s going to work now? Pssst... has seen that Taaibos, however, have been stuck on the same song the whole week. No pressure to the Brakke after winning Ienkmelodienk, especially since Taaibos went from winning serrie a couple of years ago to not placing at all.

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Pssst... 9 March 2015

Another week and Pssst... was keen to write about something exciting. Too bad the only thing Pssst... could find was Ienk Athletics. To make things worse, Kiaat couldn’t be quiet for more than five minutes. Pssst... thinks they were just intimidated by coming to a real campus. This was coupled with almost every female residence singing high school (and primary school) war cries. Grow up ladies. Rare bits of excitement came from the toga-clad Kollege (before they were kicked out) and the Mopanie jock run. Pssst... knows the Vremies may be a bit unfit, but is it really necessary to turn the 3000m into a relay? As for the Peppies, maybe having the mini-mart open until nine at night was not such a great plan. Jasmyn tried to spice up the HK relay, but unfortunately Baywatch was kind of lost on this generation. Pssst... found most of the Slurpies asking what it had to do with their “baes”. Or lack thereof.


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Pssst...2 March 2015

There has been a drought of res news as of late, but as always, Pssst… has managed to dig up some juicy tidbits for your reading pleasure.

Pssst… hears that Kollege had a social with Zinnia, not out of choice, but rather because the ladies in orange seem to keep inviting themselves over. Didn’t your mothers teach you about “overstaying your welcome” Zinnia? Pssst… fears that Katjiepiering may not have a serrie this year due to the fact that they seem to be scheduling practices during load-shedding times. We know that cats always land on their feet, but practising lifts in the dark isn’t incredibly safe, now is it, Katjie? Pssst… thinks the Katte should try scheduling their needless fortnightly house meetings during load-shedding as well, so that nobody notices the low attendance.

TuksVillage are showing up in their numbers at Varsity Cup matches these days. Pssst… thinks this is because of the fact that they have nothing to support for their own “res” and have to show gees for something. TuksVillage also don’t seem to be doing well with getting other reses to like them either. Pssst… suggests taking part in anger management sessions instead of debating if you’re going to refuse to be good sportsmen after having your “res” scrutinised, Village.

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