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TuksRes to weed out substance abuse


TuksRes has begun to take steps to approach the matter of substance abuse in university residences more seriously. The policies and guidelines regarding the use of prohibited substances are under revision with a strong emphasis on managing the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Recently in a letter sent to the house parents of all the residences, TuksRes outlined the issues it has been experiencing regarding the control of students’ use of marijuana in particular. This has resulted in their determination to employ new and more aggressive strategies to manage drug abuse in residences.

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Comparison between residence food prices and local competitors


Kloostersaal and Tuks Monate provide catering services to approximately 8 400 students residing in the university residences, including Campus House and Urban Nest. However, students are concerned about the prices at Kloostersaal and Tuks Monate.

The prices at Kloostersaal and Tuks Monate are the same, and Tuks Monate also has a mini-supermarket where students can purchase grocery items.

A final-year industrial engineering student, who wishes to remain anonymous, buys at both Kloostersaal and Tuks Monate and said, “Prices at Kloostersaal and Tuks Monate are very high, and since I am using a student loan it only provides 50% of my meals account which negatively affects my budget. It would be better if the school enables students to use their cards at grocery stores like Pick ‘n Pay, where prices are lower than Kloostersaal or Tuks Monate.”

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Res excellence recognised at Prestige


 Sonop and Curlitzia were crowned men’s and women’s residence of the year respectively at the annual Residence Prestige evening on 15 October at the Rembrandt Hall. Second place went to Mopanie for the men’s and Erika for the women’s award, followed by Boekenhout and Magrietjie in third.

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A word with Sonop, the National Serenade winners


Men’s residence Sonop  came first at this year’s National University Serenade Competition held on Saturday 31 August  in Potchefstroom at North-West University. In doing so, Sonop became the first male residence from the University of Pretoria to win the national title.

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Pssst... 15 May 2017

Pssst… heard that Lilium wasn’t too happy about what Pssst… had to say last week. Pssst… would just like to point out that maybe Lilium should focus less on what Pssst… has to say and more on their Serrie – especially considering that Pssst… has found out their Serrie HK has been very militant, but Pssst… doesn’t expect much from them this year. Kollege seems to be a place of success for Lilium. Pssst… wishes you happy hunting, ladies.

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