Res hockey season comes to an end


The finals on 25 August saw OP ladies reign victorious as they beat defending league champions Vividus Ladies 1-0. Taaibos took home the gold in the men’s league as they beat Sonop 2-0. This season is the first time in nearly a decade that either Taaibos or OP ladies have won the res league.

The women’s res hockey league semi-finals earlier that evening saw Vividus 1 beat Madelief 1-0 in a penalty shootout and Onderstepoort claim a 2-0 victory over Curlitzia in another penalty shootout. In the men’s semi-finals, Sonop 1 won 1-0 against Kollege 1, while Taaibos overcame Boekenhout 1-0 with a late winner from a last-minute short corner.

The third and fourth place playoffs on 26 August saw Curlitzia claim bronze as they beat Madelief 2-0 and Boekenhout finished third in the men’s league as they managed a 1-0 win over Kollege 1.

The level of commitment and dedication shown in the res league this season has shown that residence sport is more than recreational. OP captain Lauren Immelman said, “I do not agree that res hockey is simply recreational, especially not for the players that participate in it. Every team that we played against as well as our own team took it very seriously and played with great enthusiasm, commitment and spirit. I think this is because we have the opportunity to uphold the res or day house’s name that we all feel loyal toward, while playing a game that we all love. In my experience, res hockey, as well as any other res sporting leagues and activities, is vital in creating unison between the members of the res and not just the players, but also the supporters.”

Kevin Monaghan, captain of Taaibos, said, “I think there is always an extra bit of competition in any inter-residence event, and the hockey is no different. Not only do the teams want to win their games and do well for the team, they want to do well and hold their res name high. Any sporting or competitive league is competitive in its own right, I can only say that what I find different in the hockey league is that each team is just as competitive as the next, pushing each res to want to do better and play with more gusto each time, creating a unique feeling around each game.” your social media marketing partner

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