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The battle of the residences


Each year the different residences at UP compete for the award of Residence of the Year. To receive this prestigious award, residences must excel in a variety of categories such as sport, Rag (Reach out and give), cultural and social events and academic achievement. Curlitzia snatched the Ladies’ Residence of the Year in 2014 and 2015. Mopanie received Men’s Residence of the Year in 2015.

Each year a mens and ladies res pair up and become Rag partners. First-years then have to build a float that is paraded around the LC de Villiers sport grounds. Rag partners Sonop and Erika won first place in the 2015 Rag procession with their theme of a German beer festival.

Residences and day houses participate in the annual Ienkmelodienk – the first-year’s concert. First-years have to perform a choreographed routine to a medley of songs with dance moves around a theme of their choice.

An event similar to Ienkmelodienk is Serrie. This event is open to students of any year in the res. Prelims see the ladies residences visit each mens residence and the opposite happens the following night. This means residences can perform up to 14 times in a single night. The best performers at prelims go through to finals.

A res event that sees the winners proceed to  a national competition between residences of different universities is Serenade. Each residence gathers their 20 best vocalists to compete in this prestigious event. In 2013, Sonop was the first male residence of UP to win the national title. For 2015, Sonop and Erika won the UP Serenade event and then placed second and third at nationals, respectively.

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TuksRes host 2015 awards ceremony


On 13 October the TuksRes Awards were held at Rembrandt Hall on the LC de Villiers Sport campus. Awards for Rag, culture, sport and academics were presented to the men’s and ladies’ residences.

For the sport awards, the winners of the hockey league, who also happen to be the winners of the football league in the men’s and ladies’ category, were Taaibos and Onderstepoort Ladies, respectively. Mopanie took first place for rugby and Magrietjie won the netball league. The men’s and ladies’ sport residence of the year were Mopanie and Onderstepoort.

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Erika and Sonop shine at Serenade nationals


On 29 August Erika and Sonop represented UP at the Serenade nationals in Stellenbosch. They each performed in three venues, of which the second performance was judged. Overall, Erika placed third in the ladies’ category and Sonop placed second in the men’s category. The judges were, among others, television presenters Eloise Cupido and Katlego Maboe, and singers Heinz Winckler and Sarah Theron.

Sonop’s Serenade HK, Revan Luus, felt their performance at nationals was the best that they had given all year, and that they were the crowd favourite. “The guys were so amped … our res was supporting [us] in the first venue … they really gave us [a boost],” Luus said. He went on to say that their group got positive feedback on social media, with many people on Twitter giving them encouragement.

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Kiaat showcases Groenkloof talent with Hope in Notes


From 9-11 September, the talent on Groenkloof campus was showcased in a production presented by UP residence Kiaat called Hope in Notes. The original production was written and choreographed by Thabang Mabena and included everything from rap, poetry and acting to gumboot dancing, modern dance and singing. The production followed the story of a boy from rural Kwa-Zulu Natal who gets the opportunity to come to UP to study music. His family are apprehensive about this, however, as they claim that music is not a “real degree”. He arrives at Kiaat where he finds support and friendship. While this is happening, he struggles with thoughts about his father, who abandoned him when he was just a small child. Woven into the storyline, poetry, rap, dancing and singing express the feelings that the boy from KZN feels as he enters this new stage of his life.

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Erika and Sonop take UP Serenade crown

Erika and Sonop take UP Serenade crown


From 10-14 August, UP residences took to the Aula and Musaion stages to showcase their singing talents on the 20th anniversary of Serenade. Serenade prelims were held from 10-12 August, while finals and the Serenade gala evening took place on 13 and 14 August respectively.

Residences coordinated their Serenade performances according to themes chosen by the residences themselves. The prescribed song for the men’s Serenade groups this year was “It had better be tonight” by Michael Bublé, while the prescribed song for the ladies was Mary J. Blige’s “Therapy”.

Residences were judged on the balance between various vocal parts in their groups, pronunciation, harmonising and enthusiasm, among other factors. Judges included, among others, singer Mabet van Wyk, co-frontman of soft rock duo Dans Dans Lisa Deon Meiring, and Christo Burger, conductor of the Akustika Chamber Singers.

This year, Serenade groups performed anonymously in order to avoid any bias from the judges. Spectators were therefore not allowed to make any residence-specific comments during the performances.

The participating residences came up with creative and entertaining themes, the most interesting of which included Sonop’s “beer brewers”, Mopanie’s “workers at Checkers”, Vividus Men’s “wedding crashers”, and Vividus Ladies’ “baseball” theme. Other eye-catching themes included Kollege’s centenary-orientated “black parade” theme, Maroela’s “school of rock”, Boekenhout’s “pilots” and Taaibos’ “revolutionaries”.

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