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Taaibos July hosted at Trademarx


The fourth annual Taaibos July was held on 25 July at Trademarx Restaurant and Bar. The stylish event hosted “horse” racing, a Miss Taaibos beauty pageant and a variety of performing artists.

Traditionally, only first-year Taaibos residents participate in the racing event. The participants each had to construct a horse using brooms or mops. A race track was built where the “jockeys” had to run the track and jump over obstacles. Strict rules were in place to ensure that the event ran without injuries or accidents. The jockeys had to keep the horses between their legs and were not allowed to run the obstacles over. A few horses were decapitated during the race.

The first round consisted of six heats, followed by the semi-final where two groups competed and had to run three laps each. The top three in each semi-final competed in the final round. During the final round a collision occurred which slowed some jockeys down.

Paul Brunt, a first-year Taaibos resident, was the overall winner. He received a case of Brutal Fruit as his prize.

Morgan Mock, a second-year accounting student said “It was definitely worthwhile to attend the event and it keeps getting better each year.”

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Residences run for Kaskar victory


The annual Kaskar event took place at the NG Universiteitsoord church on Friday, 24 July. Kaskar is a renowned tradition at UP where residences compete in teams that race a go-kart around a track in an attempt to clock the highest amount of laps in 40 minutes. There is no limit to the number of substitutions, but each go-kart has one driver and one pusher (two for the ladies). A driver must steer the go-kart while being pushed from behind, swapping pushers every half a lap and drivers after completing each lap. A time trial is held before the race to determine the starting positions of the residences.

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Mopanie hosts Oesdag 2015


Mopanie’s 5th annual Oesdag was back with a vengeance this year. The festival took place on 16 May. The event was held at the Pretoria High School Old Boys Club from 14:00 to 24:00. An estimated 5000 tickets were sold for the event, making it the largest Oesdag yet.

Although there was a bit of fuss around the price of the tickets, the event filled up quickly after gates opened at 14:00. There was particular excitement this year as Sama award-winning band aKing were set to perform at 21:00. As usual, the beer tent seemed to be the place to be for much of the day as everyone prepared for the evening.

Mopanie’s Oesdag is held when to celebrate the harvesting of the mielies that they planted the previous year. As the day progressed more people began streaming in and the atmosphere started to get more festive. There wasn’t much for the crowd to do, although the mielie-eating competition and mechanical bull were very popular attractions. Parking became a slight issue as more people seemed to flock in and out of the event, with cars lining the narrow streets and often blocking the road.

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Serrie success for Magrietjie and Taaibos

Serrie success for Magrietjie and Taaibos


On Friday 15 May residences were finally able to showcase their intricate serrie performances after several long weeks of intense practise. Serrie prelims took place on Monday 11 May for the ladies’ residences and on Tuesday 12 May for the men. The men’s prelims were interrupted for two hours by load shedding, causing the performances to run behind schedule and resulting in some residences only finishing their performances as late as 04:00 on Wednesday morning.


This year the themes were much less dark than they were in 2014. Instead, most residences opted for more positive and uplifting themes. Winners for the best themes at prelims were Jasmyn for their “Women of Game of Thrones” theme and Mopanie for their “US/Mexico border crossing” theme. Mopanie also took the prize for best men’s theme at finals, while Magrietjie, whose theme was “From Russia with Love (Russian spies)”, won the prize for best ladies’ theme at finals. Erika won the prize for best reception at prelims. The overall prelim winners were Magrietjie and Taaibos, who opted for a simple yet effective theme: pirates.

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TuksRes to weed out substance abuse


TuksRes has begun to take steps to approach the matter of substance abuse in university residences more seriously. The policies and guidelines regarding the use of prohibited substances are under revision with a strong emphasis on managing the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Recently in a letter sent to the house parents of all the residences, TuksRes outlined the issues it has been experiencing regarding the control of students’ use of marijuana in particular. This has resulted in their determination to employ new and more aggressive strategies to manage drug abuse in residences.

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