Erika and Olympus take second place at National Serenade

Each residence gave stellar performances wowing the audiences with incredible and varied harmonies and committed effort in terms of characterisation and facial expression.

Cornerstone from UJ opened the evening with goosebump-inducing vocals and beat boxing with their theme “Camping”. The performance featured politically empowering message reinforced by their own competition. The fighter pilots from Caput impressed audiences with their loud and clear harmonies as well as their performance of their multicultural song. Eendrag featured well-practiced falsetto harmonies and shocked crowds with choreography such a backflip and a not-so-subtle wardrobe malfunction.

Vergeet-My-Nie had the creative and fun theme of “1950s hairdressers”. Their performance was as big as their hair with committed characterisation and gentle solo elements. The “Party girls” from Metanoia in Stellenbosch brought a quirky performance with memorable soloists and clean and simple choreography. The men from Olympus definitely did not deliver a second rate performance and wowed audiences with their wall of sound. The harmonies were strong and diverse and their soloists thrilled crowds.

The ladies from Horizon quickly became a crowd favourite with their politically and socially relevant theme, “Sarafina”, that revolved around free education for all. The performers emotion and connection to the theme was evident and their use of djembe drums and thoughtful song choice was striking. Erika closed off the evening with their performance “Women of Alcatraz”, which kept audiences captivated through the girl’s use of their facial expressions. A memorable highlight of the evening was the own composition from Erika and their cover of “Creep” by Radiohead.

Residences were also awarded prizes for best own composition and best performance of the prescribed song. Erika took home the prize for best own composition for the ladies and Caput took home the men’s best own composition title. Best prescribed song went to Erika for the ladies and Caput for the men. Caput were also named overall winners of the competition.


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