Magrietjie takes Ienkmelodienk 2016 crown


Ienkmelodienk undoubtedly dominates the first week of varsity for every res first-year. The rehearsals are rigorous, and the long hours and learning the choreography in a short amount of time is no walk in the park.

Ienk tickets for both the Amphitheatre and the Aula sold out quickly, despite some uncertainty about where the performances would take place (either on campus or at a separate venue).

Twenty-five residences and day houses performed at the event and, after the performances, Stuku members expressed their satisfaction at the high standards of the performances that evening.

Tuks Bophelong, newcomers to the mixed res category, chose a mine workers theme for their performance. The res experienced a wave of success at their first Ienk, winning awards for best introductory video and best theme, as well as taking first place in the mixed res category, with Tuks Naledi in second place.

The best introductory video awards in the men’s and ladies’ categories went to Sonop and Vividus Ladies, respectively. Sonop’s registered killers theme and Vividus Ladies’ 1940s factory girls theme won them the awards for best theme in the men’s and ladies’ categories as well.

For the mens’ residences, Sonop placed fifth overall, with the sumo fighters from Taaibos placing fourth and Maroela’s Fight Club placing third. Mopanie’s Wimbledon-inspired performance earned them second place in the men’s category, with Boekenhout’s Navy Seals taking first place.

The results for the ladies’ performances saw Curlitzia’s Taken theme earning them fifth place, and Lilium’s female prisoners placing fourth. Third place went to Erika, whose theme was “A tribute to the airwaves”. Vividus Ladies placed second, while the grannies from Magrietjie placed first. Magrietjie were also crowned the overall winners of Ienkmelodienk 2016.


Photos: Kirsty Mackay and Shen Scott your social media marketing partner

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