The battle of the residences

Cultural events are socials with a specific theme and activities. Nerina won Best Solo Event in 2015 for their event, Diwali – the festival of lights. Kollege was named 2015 Social Residence of the Year. Taaibos, who host their annual Taaibos July, an imitation of the Durban July, was announced as the Cultural Men’s Residence of the Year.

TuksRes also recognises the academic achievements of the residences. Academic Residence of the Year went to Olympus and Madelief in 2015. The inaugural Interhouse Debate was held in 2015. During the semi-final, Curlitzia and Olympus went head to head. Curlitzia made it into the final against TuksVillage. Curlitzia won the final debate.

The race for the best residence each year is non-stop. Now the only question that remains is who will take the title in 2016. your social media marketing partner

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