TuksRes host 2015 awards ceremony

For Rag, Madelief and Sonop won Best Short Term Project, and the best long term project winners were Taaibos and Curlitzia. Rag Residence of the Year was awarded to Erika and Sonop.

Cultural awards were handed out next, with Tuks Naledi winning External Culture Mixed Residence of the Year. The ladies’ external culture residence of the year was Curlitzia, followed by Magrietjie and Vividus Ladies in second and third place. For the men, Taaibos took first place with Mopanie and Sonop coming second and third, respectively.

Best Solo Event was won by Nerina. Best Generic Social Event for the men’s and ladies was won by Olienhout and Magrietjie, respectively.

Tuks Naledi won Internal Culture Mixed Residence of the Year. Magrietjie won Internal Culture Ladies’ Residence of the Year, with Curlitzia and Klaradyn in second and third place. For the men, Olienhout took first place with Olympus coming second and Sonop, third. The overall cultural ladies residence was Curlitzia, and Taaibos was announced as the cultural men’s residence of the year. Kollege was named social residence of the year.

Academic mixed res of the year went to Tuks Village, Men’s Academic Residence was won by Olympus, and Madelief won Academic Ladies’ Residence of the Year.

Perdeby named Zinnia and Inca as Newsmakers of the Year for their results in Serrie and Serenade respectively, and Kollege walked away with the Pssst… gossip award.

The Ladies’ Residence of the Year went to Curlitzia, with Magrietjie in second place and Erika in third place. For Men’s Residence of the Year, Olympus placed third and Sonop placed second, with Mopanie winning the overall title.

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