Erika and Sonop shine at Serenade nationals


Pieter Scribante, the chairman of Stuku, said that Sonop and Erika represented UP very well at the event. Serenade nationals will be hosted by UP in 2016, and Scribante said that Stuku has a clear idea of how they wish to go about hosting the event. Scribante is confident that organising the occasion is within Stuku’s reach.

The overall results of the national stage for Serenade were as follows: in the men’s category, best prescribed song and own composition went to Veritas from the University of the Free State (Kovsies), and best prescribed song and own composition in the ladies’ category went to Marjolein, also of Kovsies.

The overall results for the men showed Veritas in first place, Sonop in second and Pieke of Stellenbosch University in third. For the ladies, Hippokrates of Stellenbosch came in first, second was Marjolein, with Erika in third place. The overall winners of Serenade nationals were Veritas.


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