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UP residence dining halls to receive upgrades


UP’s Department of Facilities Management, in collaboration with UP’s Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation (TuksRes), will be upgrading UP residence dining halls this year. Dining halls and food services are currently available to residence students on the Groenkloof, Onderstepoort, Prinshof, Hillcrest, and Hatfield campuses. TuksRes also caters to residences at the Hatfield campus, through the JAKE (Jasmyn, Asterhof, Klaradyn, Erika) dining hall and a further dining hall which serves students from Magrietjie and Madelief. Dining halls in Taaibos and Kollege have been converted into resting areas and change rooms for staff at these residences. TuksVillage is identified as a self-catering residence and therefore they have a mini-market (Village Fresh), while a food outlet is available to Nerina students. The Groenkloof campus also has a dining hall for its students, with a similar facility at the Onderstepoort campus.

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Erika and Olympus take second place at National Serenade


Erika and Olympus both placed second in their categories at the ATKV National Serenade Competition on 3 September. The UP residences came runners-up to University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Horizon in the ladies’ category and Caput from North West University (NWU) in the men’s category.

The 20th annual serenade nationals was hosted by UP this year in the Musaion, Aula and the Amphi on Hatfield campus. In addition to Erika and Horizon, Vergeet-My-Nie from NWU and Metanoia from Stellenbosch performed in the ladies division. Cornerstone from UJ and Eendrag from SU formed the other half of the men’s finalists.

The prescribed song for the ladies was “Fast car” by Tracy Chapman. The men’s prescribed song was “Waves” by Mr Probz. All residences had to include their respective prescribed song into their repertoire as well as an original Afrikaans song and a multicultural song.

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Maroela and Magrietjie claim Rag win


The 2016 annual UP Rag procession took place on Saturday at LC de Villiers. This year’s over-arching theme was “Going on holiday” and the floats reflected many exotic and familiar holiday destinations.

The event got off to a start with Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof. Cheryl de la Rey addressing the participants and spectators at 10:30. The procession then got moving and the floats, built over the last week by the various Rag partnerships, moved around the Sport campus. The procession ended on the Rag farm with the floats on static display until midday.

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Tuks Bophelong: a new addition to the res family


Tuks Bophelong, a mixed residence for medical students, officially opened on 1 February. Minister of Higher Education and Training Dr Blade Nzimande attended the opening of the new residence.

In his speech, the minister said that it is pivotal that students should learn in a “decent, safe, and academically conducive environment” in order to raise the quality of education in South Africa. This, according to the minister, aids in the success of underprivileged students who come from rural backgrounds.

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Magrietjie takes Ienkmelodienk 2016 crown


Ienkmelodienk undoubtedly dominates the first week of varsity for every res first-year. The rehearsals are rigorous, and the long hours and learning the choreography in a short amount of time is no walk in the park.

Ienk tickets for both the Amphitheatre and the Aula sold out quickly, despite some uncertainty about where the performances would take place (either on campus or at a separate venue).

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