Pssst...13 May 2014

Serrie prelims proved that Pssst… doesn’t need to name and shame reses as they are more than willing to do it themselves. Take Kiaat, for example. Pssst… sees the boys haven’t paid any visits to the gym recently and a lot of girls wanted to gouge their eyes out when Kiaat took their shirt off during Serrie. Pssst... reckons Inca should do Kiaat, and themselves, a favour and hit the gym together.

Pssst... really thinks that Inca and Kiaat should have performed in the dark like Vividus Men did. Vividus Men’s Serrie was so bad that they were forced to switch off the lights and perform in the dark. Pssst... is relieved that Vividus Men didn’t follow their sister day house Vividus Ladies’ example and recycle a boring, overdone theme. Grease again? Lilium mimicked Vividus Ladies and stuck with the movie theme, but in true Lilium style, the only movie elements in their Serrie were those from X-rated movies. Continuing with X-rated matters, a Magrietjie judge was more involved in Kollege’s performance than she should have been when she started undressing a Kollege guy in front of everyone. Pssst... thinks it’s sad that this is the only way Magrietjie know how to get attention from their Rag partners.

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Pssst...24 March 2014

Each week, res life is one step closer to resembling an episode of Days of our Lives, or even worse, 7 de Laan. Between all the affairs and divorces that have been going on with some Rag partnerships, Pssst… reckons it’s time to get out the popcorn and enjoy the drama.

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Pssst…3 March 2014

In true student fashion, res students have taken to begging this past week. Pssst… is glad that the students are no longer filming themselves doing “good deeds” but reckons that the begging could be taken down a notch. Mopanie for one could do with some begging lessons because Pssst… does not think that overeagerness and desperation is a good look for the Peppies. While Pssst… thinks that a grown adult dressing up in a rhino onesie is rather embarrassing, Pssst… commends Olienthout for doing it for a good cause. At least Olienhout has a good excuse for begging for money, Pssst... wonders what Mopanie’s excuse is. Perhaps they need money to replant the mielies that Maroela destroyed?

So while some reses are begging for cash, others, such as Kiaat, are begging girls to beg them to take their shirt off. Pssst... doubts whether Kiaat would actually need money to take off their shirts, word has it the boys are always keen to show some skin. Just ask Inca. Pssst... hears Kiaat purposely hosted a water balloon social with Inca as an excuse to get naked for them. Pssst... must just point out that some Kiaat boys really should not have participated in this activity, but then again, Pssst... thinks Inca will take anything that comes their way. It’s not like Pssst... heard them complaining anyway.

It seems like Kiaat isn’t the only res that likes to show some skin. Pssst... thinks that Jasmyn and Olympus were a bit too happy about their “anything but clothes” social. Then again, Pssst... shouldn’t be surprised because when it comes to boys, Jasmyn is always eager.

Another res that is just begging for attention is Magrietjie. Pssst... would like to ask the girls to be a bit more considerate and tone the pink down just a tad. A piazza filled with pink girls is not a great sight to everyone on campus. Oh and while Pssst... is on the topic of begging for attention, can Lilium please stop complaining about all the duties for Miss Varsity Cup? If Lilium doesn’t want to be a part of the competition then Lilium should just quit. Pssst... doubts anyone would even notice anyway.

Pssst... hears that Asterhof is obsessed with Lady Gaga’s dance moves and plans to use them throughout their Serrie. Talk about originality.

Pssst...10 March 2014

Pssst… hears that things at Olienhout aren’t too great lately. Apparently the Olienhout seniors are unhappy about their first-years stealing their parking spots. And here Pssst… was thinking Olienhout were upset about some girls that raided their res. Pssst… suggests the first-years watch their back, the Olienhout seniors are clearly on a war path.

Maroela, however (a res that Pssst… normally associates with war), hasn’t been involved in any fights as of late. Pssst… reckons that foam parties and the Erika girls are taking up too much of Maroela’s time. Perhaps Maroela should watch out for Mopanie instead of tending to Erika’s “needs” because Pssst… reckons Mopanie are still plotting revenge against Maroela over the destroyed mielie patch.

While Maroela and Erika entertained themselves with foam, Pssst… hears that their neighbours Katjiepiering had their own fun with a blow-up pool. However, Pssst… thinks that Katjiepiering spent more time trying to get the pool into their res than they did in the actual pool.

Kiaat never ceases to amaze Pssst…. Luckily Kiaat didn’t strip naked this past week, but Pssst… reckons that the boys need some practice for the next time they decide to serenade Nerina. It seems Kiaat’s socials are always used as a way for Kiaat to show off their lack of talent. Nevertheless, Pssst… finds their shortcomings extremely entertaining.

Pssst...24 February 2014

So Pssst... would just like to start the week off by asking if Pssst... is the only one that has noticed the love affair going on between Katjiepiering and Kollege? The Kollege boys are so whipped that they have no time for anyone besides the Katte. Maybe Katjiepiering should share its secret with Lilium as Pssst... hears the Getjies are dying for some action. If all else fails, Pssst... suggests Lilium ask Maroela for some tips on attracting attention. From the looks of Maroela’s Neknomination video, Pssst... reckons the boys know how to catch someone’s eye, even if it is for baring it all.

The only thing that the Kiaat Game Show proved to Pssst... was that part of Kiaat can actually spell. But Pssst... really thinks that after the boys’ ridiculous attempt at the spelling bee, Kiaat should rather focus on sorting out the conflict between the seniors and first years. Word has it the Cubs are running the res.

With all the chocolates that the Jasmyn first years have been feeding the seniors lately, Pssst... isn’t surprised the Jasmyn seniors have been hiding out in their rooms. Does Pssst... need to remind Jasmyn that the spread isn’t just applicable to first years.

Pssst... wouldn’t be too worried about Kollege not giving Magrietjie enough attention. Pssst... hears that Taaibos is well-acquainted with Magrietjie’s fire escape.

Madelief got a bit too competitive at ienk basketball. Pssst... would just like to warn you to not make a habit of stamping on people’s glasses.

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