Pssst...28 July 2014

Starting off with the good news, Pssst… is glad to see that Kiaat have taken Pssst’s… advice and started going to gym. But Pssst… doesn’t think that this means Kiaat should spend every waking minute talking about their gym routine and how much they lift. Leave a little to the imagination boys. No really, please don’t overshare, because all those moves to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” showed a side to Kiaat which Pssst… and the whole of Groenkloof would rather not see.

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Pssst...26 May 2014

It appears some reses can’t distinguish between real and fake emergencies. Pssst... knows it must suck to be part of a Groenkloof res but Pssst... reckons Inca need to stop trying to make themselves relevant by trying to burn down their own residence. Pssst... can only guess that this was part of Inca’s ploy to lure old Rag partners Olympus to “save them”.Pssst... thinks that Inca would have had a better opportunity with Curlitzia, though. All that Curlitzia do nowadays is remind everyone that they can save lives, because, you know, studying a medical degree apparently isn’t proof enough of this. Between Curlitzia’s superhero informals and lifeguard-themed Serrie, Pssst... thinks that everyone has caught onto their not-so-subtle hint. You can save lives, Curlitzia. Pssst... and everyone else has got it loud and clear, you can drop it now.

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Pssst...13 May 2014

Serrie prelims proved that Pssst… doesn’t need to name and shame reses as they are more than willing to do it themselves. Take Kiaat, for example. Pssst… sees the boys haven’t paid any visits to the gym recently and a lot of girls wanted to gouge their eyes out when Kiaat took their shirt off during Serrie. Pssst... reckons Inca should do Kiaat, and themselves, a favour and hit the gym together.

Pssst... really thinks that Inca and Kiaat should have performed in the dark like Vividus Men did. Vividus Men’s Serrie was so bad that they were forced to switch off the lights and perform in the dark. Pssst... is relieved that Vividus Men didn’t follow their sister day house Vividus Ladies’ example and recycle a boring, overdone theme. Grease again? Lilium mimicked Vividus Ladies and stuck with the movie theme, but in true Lilium style, the only movie elements in their Serrie were those from X-rated movies. Continuing with X-rated matters, a Magrietjie judge was more involved in Kollege’s performance than she should have been when she started undressing a Kollege guy in front of everyone. Pssst... thinks it’s sad that this is the only way Magrietjie know how to get attention from their Rag partners.

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Pssst...19 May 2014

Pssst… has to start off by asking: is Pssst… the only one that is shocked by Katjiepiering making it into the Serrie finals? Pssst… guesses that wearing short skirts has finally paid off for some reses and maybe others should follow Katjiepiering’s example if they want to be noticed.

No one seems to be too surprised by Boekenhout being in the final, but Pssst… hears the guys have been practising day and night to avoid placing second like they did last year. Pssst… reckons that Boekenhout should stop thinking that they rule student culture. No matter what anyone tells you, cocky isn’t an attractive look.

Pssst… isn’t expecting too much from Mopanie in the Serrie finals. From what Pssst… hears Engineering Week and Oesdag preparations took their toll on Mopanie’s Serrie practices. Pssst... thinks Mopanie needs to get over their mielie obsession, it’s just starting to get creepy, now.

Nerina won’t be in the finals and the holes in their ceiling from the male reses’ performances serve as a bitter reminder of this. Pssst... hears the holes still haven’t been fixed and that Nerina is threatening to send out invoices to Olienhout and Olympus if they don’t fix them.

Thursday nights at the clubhouses are over for good and Pssst... guesses that Katjiepiering cried the hardest (after Kollege, of course). Pssst... wonders where Katjiepiering plans to relocate to now.

Kollege’s last Thursday night social included everyone from Katjiepiering to Klaradyn and Lilium. Pssst... must admit that Lilium looked out of place even before they started to re-enact scenes from their risqué Serrie for the whole of Kollege. Pssst... needs to remind Lilium that Serrie is actually over and that the points they will be scoring from Kollege with those dance moves won’t count towards Serrie. Then again, Pssst... has a suspicion that it is exactly what Lilium wants. Pssst... thinks that Lilium should stay on Groenkloof campus where they can’t embarrass themselves as much. Maybe Lilium can do as Zinnia does and have sleepovers at Kiaat five nights a week.

Taaibos probably drowned their sorrows on Thursday night, not because of the clubhouse situation, but because Katjiepiering and Klaradyn both gave them bad marks for their Serrie. Pssst... suggests Taaibos get over it and stop sub-tweeting the girls’ reses. 

Pssst...24 March 2014

Each week, res life is one step closer to resembling an episode of Days of our Lives, or even worse, 7 de Laan. Between all the affairs and divorces that have been going on with some Rag partnerships, Pssst… reckons it’s time to get out the popcorn and enjoy the drama.

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