Pssst... 20 October 2014

Residence External Prestige time has rolled around again and the university crowned the victors in various facets of residence life. Pssst... would also like to recognise residence excellence, but from the bottom up.

Pssst... would like to congratulate Inca on their performance at Prestige this year. It’s a tough job to win zero awards, but someone’s got to do it. The achievement was aided by the fact that they did not even attend Prestige. Maybe they eloped with Kiaat on a losers’ honeymoon.

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Pssst...13 October 2014

It’s the that time of year again when residences get to know their new Rag partners. With a roster change having just happened, some reses are pleasantly surprised, while others are regretting ever asking for one. Pssst... is content because the more drama, the better.

Katjiepiering were left unimpressed during their Zoep Week with Kiaat when the Cubs asked the Katte to bring down their own mugs for coffee. Pssst...would like to remind Kiaat that it’s only common courtesy to provide ladies with a mug if you’re offering them a drink. Then again, if your budget really was that small maybe the Katte were better off making their own Nescafe in their rooms.

Zinnia seems to have taken a liking to their new partners. The Pixies filled Kollege to breaking point at their sokkie evening. No word of where all the Kollegemen were, though. Pssst... wonders if they’re still hanging onto the Katte. Not that Pssst... thinks they’ll be disappointed, seeing as the Katte are so desperate.

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Pssst...8 September 2014

Pssst… always thought divorce was supposed to be a negative thing, but Pssst… hears that Jasmyn could not wait to get divorced from their 2014 Rag partners Vividus Men. If Pssst… were in Jasmyn’s position, Pssst… would also be excited, though. Ever since Vividus Men won Serenade Nationals and have been performing on radio, they have let their egos overcome them. Pssst… just wants to remind Vividus Men to stop acting like characters out of a Disney-themed movie – it’s just creepy when you start serenading strangers on campus.

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Pssst...15 September 2014

Pssst… is grateful it isn’t in Maroela’s shoes. As if it isn’t bad enough that Maroela are forced to live in the same vicinity as their greatest enemies, they went and lost to them at the most important rugby match of the year. Pssst… bets Mopanie >are quite pleased with themselves but Pssst… reckons Mopanie should learn to be a little bit more humble. No one likes a braggart. Pssst… knows for a fact that Katjiepiering don’t. Pssst… hears the girls were not impressed when they looked out their windows one night last week to find the Mopanie semis running around naked for Katjiepiering’s pleasure. Pssst… doesn’t know any res that will find pleasure in Mopanie’s cry for attention, except for Magrietjie, of course.

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Pssst...01 September 2014

Good news, Pssst… is back. We hear the reses have missed us. Pssst… isn’t sure why because they seem to have done a good job of tarnishing their reputations without Pssst’s help.

Pssst… hears Mopanie’s new chicken has caused some problems in the res. In an astonishing display of maturity, two of the corridors have taken to stealing and restealing the poor animal. Pssst… should explain to the boys what picking up chicks really means.

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