Pssst...2 March 2015

There has been a drought of res news as of late, but as always, Pssst… has managed to dig up some juicy tidbits for your reading pleasure.

Pssst… hears that Kollege had a social with Zinnia, not out of choice, but rather because the ladies in orange seem to keep inviting themselves over. Didn’t your mothers teach you about “overstaying your welcome” Zinnia? Pssst… fears that Katjiepiering may not have a serrie this year due to the fact that they seem to be scheduling practices during load-shedding times. We know that cats always land on their feet, but practising lifts in the dark isn’t incredibly safe, now is it, Katjie? Pssst… thinks the Katte should try scheduling their needless fortnightly house meetings during load-shedding as well, so that nobody notices the low attendance.

TuksVillage are showing up in their numbers at Varsity Cup matches these days. Pssst… thinks this is because of the fact that they have nothing to support for their own “res” and have to show gees for something. TuksVillage also don’t seem to be doing well with getting other reses to like them either. Pssst… suggests taking part in anger management sessions instead of debating if you’re going to refuse to be good sportsmen after having your “res” scrutinised, Village.

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Pssst... 23 February 2015

Pssst... very nearly didn’t get a word into this week’s edition. Thankfully Pssst... is cunning and so Pssst... is here with your weekly dose of res gossip.

Pssst... would like to thank Madelief for their lack of jottirs. The Kollege vremies now have nothing to do on campus and some have even resorted to going to class. Too bad the Knolle have nobody to talk to now and, let’s be honest, how long can anybody be interested in a Peppie?

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Pssst...9 February 2015

Pssst... promised to be back and back Pssst... is. Firstly, there are some leftover Rag stories Pssst... needs to tell. Pssst... is surprised that Kollege finished their float at all this year. The Kollege semis’ week long inebriation is the stuff that parents warn their kids about. Pssst... would also like to enquire as to why Nerina is walking the streets at night. At least you’ll be safe seeing as you’re doing it outside the police station. Pssst... supposes that everyone has to start somewhere.

Pssst... hears that Sonop was really bored with Erika as their partners. So much so that Sonop decided to build Nerina’s float as well. This worked only because Sonop had finished their float an entire week early. Olienhout also suffered from boredom at the hands of their Rag partners. Apparently the Houte are planning to zef-divorce Lilium already and, to add insult to injury, place a 10 year ban on them.

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Pssst... very nearly didn’t get a word into this week’s edition. Thankfully Pssst... is cunning and so Pssst... is here with your weekly dose of res gossip.

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Pssst... 2 February 2015

Welcoming week has come and gone and Pssst… was there to see it all. Pssst… hears that TuksVillage showed everyone how unconventional and forward-thinking they are by forcing all their first years to attend their Welcoming Week socials. While TuksVillage were doing this, the rest of the first years were performing (read: embarrassing themselves) at Ienkmelo­dienk. In an attempt to emulate Curlitzia’s success, Pssst… sees that Lilium chose a degree-related theme. This move clearly backfired and Pssst… thinks that High School Musical should press charges for performance-right infringement. From unoriginal to original themes, Klaradyn’s ‘bacon’ theme was a little on the insane side. With such an unhealthy love for bacon, Pssst… will be watching the Welpies far more closely for first year spread. Pssst… thinks Maroela’s Kamikaze pilots theme was just an excuse to reuse last year’s Rag shirts and that Mopanie’s swimming theme drowned more than it floated. On the topic of swimming, it seems Olienhout has managed to bring speedos back. Pssst… didn’t realise that Lu­minous’s theme was ‘From my heart to yours’. With the bunny ears and bowties, Pssst… was convinced you were actually strippers.

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