Pssst... 31 July 2017

Pssst… was horrified to see Erika’s pathetic excuse for “student culture”. Pssst… thinks that if Erika actually read Perdeby, instead of steal­ing them and wearing them, they might learn a little bit about culture. Pssst… would be happy to conduct a seminar. Besides, with the amount of money Erika pumped into their serrie they could afford to buy their own materials instead of re­sorting to thievery. SAD. Pssst… will also be send­ing Erika a copy of the K53, Pssst… is concerned about their parking skills. A drunk Kollege man can park better, and that’s saying something.

Apart from Erika’s complete disregard for moral behaviour, Pssst… has heard that Klaradyn is pleased about the height of their participation in res events. Pssst… would like to congratulate the Welpies on their Kaskar win (no one cares though).

In other sad news, Pssst… hears that Taaibos has had their clubhouse closed indefinitely. How are the brakke going to impress the ladies’ residences now? They don’t have much else to fall back on.

Pssst… would like to reassure the Katte that they need not be so sad about their serrie outcome, the Towel benders from Vividus Men didn’t make it either, and Pssst… personally thought they were better.

Olienhout seems to have had too much fun dur­ing their house week, all that boozing has affect­ed their intellectual skills. Pssst… would be happy to have a spelling lesson with the Houte.

Pssst… has heard that Madelief have been throw­ing around some very rude comments about Ma­roela. Pssst… thinks it’s really rude to call some­one “gross”, but Pssst… can’t disagree either. your social media marketing partner

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