Pssst... 3 April

Pssst… has been very busy this week trying to keep track of all the frivolous res parties. Pssst… doesn’t understand what the residences have to celebrate, Pssst… wouldn’t be so relaxed with Serrie around the corner.

Pssst… isn’t expecting much from Sonop this year, and not because Pssst… is worried about Sonop being disqualified again. Madelief might know what Pssst… is talking about. Maybe choosing the early hours of the morning to perform in underpants isn’t the best idea. Pssst… noticed that it was quite cold, Sonop.

In other news, Kollege has been quite busy this week. A few of the Kollege flat-caps decided to host a funeral for poor “Karl” who is in a relationship. Pssst… hopes that they don’t see a future in acting, but Pssst… is glad to see that at least one person from Kollege was able to adult.

One thing Kollege gets right is exactly what Olienhout gets wrong. Parties. If you don’t believe Pssst… just ask the Houteman who asked a Kollege flat-cap how to throw a successful party. Really Houte, this type of behaviour is so embarrassing Pssst… can’t even make it up.

Asterhof has had an exciting Serrie season. Pssst… heard that the Stertjies had to reinvent their slightly risqué routine. Pssst… can’t say that Pssst… is disappointed.

PartyFest is also in the works, and Pssst… is quite excited about the fails in store. Mopanie and Katjiepiering were the first to present their efforts, but it seems the Katte were not very excited about the event. Pssst… actually feels sorry for the Mopanie men who outnumbered the Katte five to one.

Speaking about PartyFest, Pssst… hears that the Instagram page was compromised, seeing Boekenhout and Vividus Ladies receiving almost a thousand votes in two minutes. Pssst… doesn’t want to accuse anyone, but Pssst… thinks its quite suspicious.

Finally, Pssst… has to add something about Studios since they are trying so hard to be a “normal res”. All Pssst… can say is that Studios’ attempt at a social is sad and old. Pssst… is very tired of Trump themed parties, and Pssst… is starting to find them distasteful, and not because of Trump. Pssst… thought you were above that, Studios.

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