Pssst... 27 March 2017

Pssst… sees that even though last week was so short, the residences were able to get quite a lot not done. Mopanie’s mieliewag in particular seem to have had a very lazy long weekend. #wherearethemielies Mopanie? Pssst… thinks that maybe some of their first years would make effective scarecrows.
Speaking of scarecrows, Katjiepiering and Madelief have planned a social to “bury the hatchet”. Pssst… isn’t sure what happened, but Pssst… would like to let Madelief know that not all of the Katte are excited. But maybe this isn’t because of the wrongs that transpired between the two residences, Pssst… wouldn’t want to go to a Madelief social either.

Olienhout has finally noticed how boring they have become. Pssst… thinks their Rodney Revival party is long overdue.

Vividus Ladies had to practise their Serrie in the Mopanie courtyard. Pssst… doesn’t expect much from their Serrie, given that they impressed Mopanie so much that the Vividus Ladies had to attend Nothing but Vernac without their Rag partners. Pssst… would like to remind Mopanie that gentlemen always say it’s good even when it’s not.
Pssst… heard that Jasmyn and Erika had to combine their Nothing but Vernac efforts because they couldn’t get enough content. Pssst… thinks that the Erika and Jasmyn ladies really need to focus on their cultural side. At least you showed up. Pssst… saw that Kollege’s only idea of culture is flat-caps and vapes.
For the second week in a row, Pssst… would like to remind Klaradyn and Taaibos that cultural appropriation is a thing. Pssst… worries that Juan really will be asked to leave campus, or that he will have to eventually grow a natural beard.
Pssst… wishes everyone a very relaxing break, and advises all the residences to use the time to work on their Serries. Pssst… can’t take another year of watching last minute drivel.
Love, Pssst... your social media marketing partner

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