Pssst... 25 July 2016

Pssst... rolls it’s eyes in disbelief at the souring fact that even though the second semester has just begun the antics of res students have barely ceased.

With this in mind, Pssst...was unpleasantly surprised at the annual Around the World yawn fest to find out that despite the unholy behavior on the dance floor of Tenessee, the Kloekies actually do not know what makes a good punch. Curlitzia will be relieved to know that they don’t hand out awards for best punch at external prestige, and that they can continue to bore crowds by winning all of the awards.

Speaking of yawn fests, the annual Taaibos July was held this weekend, where all of the old Rag partners of Taaibos gather to compare whose dress reveals the most leg and who needs to be carried home before the sun sets. The Brakke were on their worst behavior (as usual) and Pssst...was more excited for a midnight snack on the way home from the party than any of the events lined up for the evening.

Pssst… hopes that the Knolle enjoyed their “welcoming ceremony” (read: watered down initiation tactics) last week. Hopefully the new ladies of Madelief will be able to keep the hair on their heads in future as they slip into irrelevance, seeing as no one tries to steal their polystyrene hats anymore.

Kollege is the new Huis Hatfield Studios this semester and has already become more of a pest than the car guards of Hatfield. Pssst… is sure the Vremies will blend in nicely on the streets, because neither like to indulge in clean showers.

Pssst... can’t wait to see what Serenade 2016 has in store. Will Asterhof’s theme be about food? Will Erika put everyone to sleep yet win the entire competition? Will Boekenhout plaster the stage with their mediocrity? Will Jasmyn be able to hold a note? Will Lilium ever feature outside of the closing paragraph of Pssst...? Only time will tell. your social media marketing partner

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