Serrie Men’s Prelims


Serrie Men’s Prelims were held on 15 May with all of the male resses rotating between venues hosted by the female resses. Overall, the performances were impressive. Song choices were relatively diverse across all performances this year, and most of the themes worked very well. However, many pelvic thrusts and the use of female figures as props did not go unnoticed.

Audiences were particularly unimpressed with Kollege’s frat party performance. While it was humorous on the surface, the performance was bland, with the Kollege men stripping down to their underwear. Kollege missed the humour mark this year as some audiences were more offended than entertained.
Vividus Men also executed the shock factor in poor taste as they stripped as well, partially covering themselves with poorly placed towels. Their theme was “The last towlbender”. The towels were quirky, but the theme was weak.

Sonop surprised the audience pleasantly. They had a strong opening with good costumes. The theme was a bit vague, being “The anonymous versus the mask”. The skits did not tie into the theme and there were a few too many for the audience’s liking. However, the good energy and powerful moves threw the crowd into a frenzy (and the smoke alarms, as they set them off). 

Olympus also impressed with a well-executed “Retro rugby theme” that featured fantastic vocals and appropriate song choices. The choreography was apt, but fell out of sync a few times. Despite this, they had some of the best throws seen all night.
Taaibos met expectations as they delivered a typically Taaibos performance. They conveyed the “White walker” theme effectively. The band was outstanding. The Taaibos men had the most diverse song choice of the evening, which definitely impressed the audience. The formation was very attractive; it is a pity it fell out of sync every now and then. Naturally, Taaibos ended the performance by taking their shirts off – no one expected anything less.
Boekenhout impressed with their “Survivor” theme, effectively making use of good lighting and props. They had a member taking his pants off, but it was less daring than Kollege and Vividus Men. Their band also impressed the audience significantly. The moves were well-performed.
Mopanie seemed to disappoint the crowd. Last year’s winners had a German theme, which was conveyed effectively. However, the choreography was said to be recycled – and they were not as strong this year as they have been in the past. At least they looked like they enjoyed themselves.
Olienhout’s “A million ways to die in the west” theme had one of the best storylines, but the ending was a bit too vague. The skits were long yet effective, which is something Sonop could not master.
Maroela’s “Workers in a grand hotel” also had a lovely storyline. The song choice and costumes worked with the theme fantastically. Their choreography was a bit simple, but at least it was something everyone could perform.

The finalists should be announced on Wednesday. The finals will be on Friday, 19 May.


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