HPC a world-class facility

The HPC played host to the Argentine football team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has provided training facilities for athletes such as Roland Schoeman.


Gifted Golfers at Tuks


The TuksGolf Academy presents the opportunity for talented young golf athletes to intensify and specialise in specifi c performance programmes.

Golf athlete’s have the opportunity to progress from participation in school/ club based programmes to a controlled environment where individual training surpasses 20 hours a week.

TuksGolf Academy’s focus is to increase the level of competition and ability of the individual athletes. Training programmes are structured to fit into the athlete’s institutional, provincial, national and international tournament schedule.

Training takes place on a daily basis developing athletes all round, towards their particular sporting goals. Professional coaching staff and sport science support staff are used to optimise development and achievements.

The TuksGolf Junior Academy is structured in such a way that it is able to provide development, training and educational tutoring for gifted golfers from the age of 13 years and older.

With the outstanding facilities of the University of Pretoria at their disposal, golf athletes have the privilege to call on one institution for most of their requirements.

On June 18-19 2010 at the Wittelsbacher GC Rohrenfeld-Neuburg Championship Course of HRH Duke Max of Bavaria, North of Munich, Germany, the University of Pretoria competed for the fi fth time. A team of four players was sent this year and they came home with the fi rst place trophy.

Monkeys on guard at Commonwealth Games


The build up to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India this year was defi ned largely by the media hype surrounding the fact that with just a few weeks to go, the venues and athletes village still had much work to be done.

Incomplete construction, wiring and general maintenance grievances were just a few of the issues that made the world ask the big question– will the city of New Delhi be able to pull off a sporting event like the Commonwealth Games? But arguably the most interesting problem of all came in the form of a number of animals taking up residence in the athlete’s village and venues for the games.

Organisers of the games have had a number of problems concerning the growing number of wildlife entering the athlete’s village and surrounding area.

A pack of wild monkeys took the liberty of exploring the venues, causing havoc along the way as they stole food and attacked humans. Stray dogs were also seen wondering around the heaps of rubble and unfi nished construction. A cobra was found in the tennis stadium and a South African athlete reported fi nding a snake in the team’s residence.

To counteract the growing list of problems caused by the arrival of all the animals, offi cials hired a number of snake charmers to work their way around the village in an attempt to catch any snakes they came across. Animal rescue organization, Wildlife SOS also scanned the village and venues for any signs of the reptiles. Offi cials also employed the help of a number of Langur monkeys and their trainers in order to take control of the situation.

They were posted at strategic points around the various venues to deter other animals from entering. Langurs are said to be both intelligent and aggressive, and have been used in the past to scare off smaller monkeys and animals in Delhi. However, despite the disruptions and apparent chaos, security offi cials ensured that the games started on 3 October without any serious safety threats.

The games end on 14 October.

Tuks slaan Polisie vir ‘n ses

Protea krieketspeler AB deVilliers was oor die naweek beskikbaar om die Tuks 1 krieketspan te help afreken met Polisie.


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