TuksFootball crowned 2017 Varsity Football Champions

TuksFootball brought the 2017 Varsity Football season to a thrilling conclusion with a well-deserved 2-0 victory over TUT Football in the tournament final on 28 September.
Both sides entered into the encounter with impressive records. UP-Tuks had overcome a sluggish start to their campaign to record five consecutive wins on their road to the final, including a thrilling comeback victory over UWC, while defending champions TUT had maintained their previous seasons’ title-winning form with a campaign that saw them stretch their unbeaten run in the tournament to 17 games.


TuksNetball through to semi-finals

TuksNetball celebrated their heritage day by booking their spot in the semi-finals of the Varsity Netball competition. The ladies will face Maties Netball in a repeat of round four of the competition in which UP won 48-46 after a scoreboard error was contested and overturned.
In round six, UP thrashed VUT Netball 87-22 to claim their sixth win of the competition. The UP ladies dominated the game taking an 18-6 lead after the first quarter. At halftime, UP had sailed to an unassailable lead of 39 points to 9. At the beginning of the second half, UP scored immediately and took the quarter by a resounding 44 points. In the last quarter, UP was ruthless with their clinical shooting and fast paced play which VUT had no reply to.


Five minutes with TuksFootball goalkeeper Dylan Paterson


Perdeby caught up with Varsity Football and USSA shot-stopper Dylan Paterson.


On 7 September TuksFootball won their encounter against CUT Football in what was a tough game. What are your thoughts concerning the result as well as the season so far?

It was not exactly a must-win game, but we built it up as one as we were coming off the back of two good victories. Right now, we are coming into that part of the season where we can start building the momentum that I think we need to carry on building all the way to the final.


South African trailblazers: TuksBadminton


TuksBadminton is an indoor racket sport that affords opportunities to athletes looking to take up a new hobby, or looking to join one of South Africa’s most competitive university badminton clubs.

With regards to competitive participation, the club implements the use of an active high-performance program in partnership with Northern Gauteng Badminton, through which the club offers national level coaching to athletes. As a sport, there are five events that are played in Badminton, women’s and men’s singles, women’s and men’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

In 2017 TuksBadminton has participated in a host of competitions, including the Northern Gauteng Badminton League, the Northern Gauteng CAT1 Tournament, and the USSA Badminton Tournament hosted by UP in Pretoria. The University team had mixed results in the July USSA Tournament.


Football transfers: a guide


For most football lovers, the regular season’s two transfer windows (January and July/August) are some of the most exciting and nerve-wracking months of the year. With virtually any player from any club able to go anywhere at any time for any price, the transfer market is most often described as an almost chaotic over-the-top drama. It involves clubs, players, payers’ agents, directors of football, lawyers as well as any and every one officially associated with professional football. The process of moving a player (or manager) from one club to another can be fairly lengthy and intricate, with parties involved having to be careful not to fall foul of various local and international football laws in order to avoid paying fines or perhaps even being banned from participating in future transfer windows.


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