Reasons to consider TuksDance


Dancing teaches many valuable skills such as self-control, posture and grace, coordination and patience. TuksDance offers all of this to students through diverse styles of dance such as ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, Latin and ballroom dancing. Ballroom and Latin dancing are offered on three levels, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each of these levelsare completed over a period of six months with each practice session being approximately an hour long. Ballet and contemporary practices occur twice a week whereas ballroom and Latin practices are once a week. Students may go onto a medal programme should they wish to continue with dancing after they complete the advanced course. TuksDance practice sessions for various dance styles differ from one another. Ballet and contemporary dance sessions work through a routine and perfect the technique of the dance. Ballroom and Latin dance sessions usually consist of the dancers going over several types of dances that belong to each style. Ballroom for beginners consists of learning the Rhythm Foxtrot and the Slow Waltz whereas Latin for beginners focuses on the Jive and Cha-Cha. The dance instructors come prepared to each session with what they specifically have in mind to teach after reviewing steps from previous practices.


The road to recovery after a sports injury


Sports injuries can sometimes be final for an athlete, however, they can be treated and an athlete can even make a full recovery. If injured out on the field, an athlete should take immediate steps to ensure full recovery from the injury. After any type of leg injury occurs on the sports ground, the first thing to do is RICE. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This will help to start healing the injury immediately. Resting the leg will help to prevent any further damage to the injury and applying ice every 20 minutes in each hour for at least a day will aid in minimizing pain and bringing down swelling. Compression and elevation of the leg are both also to help reduce the swelling of the injury.


Tuks fitness guide: Avoid first year spread


Many first year students are away from home for the first time when university begins and the change of environment often results in anxiety and stress. They get their first taste of freedom and this leads to erratic and sometimes irresponsible behaviour in the following areas: drinking, eating, sleeping and budgeting. Lack of planning results in many students missing breakfast to rush to early morning classes which forces them grab a quick unhealthy snack on campus which can lead to the dreaded “first year spread”. Instead of falling prey to becoming what you eat, get ahead of the spread and participate in the fitness avenues UP has on offer.


The Perdeby guide to sports at UP


Rugby, football, athletics, netball and cricket – these are just a few mainstream sports a first year student would most likely have been exposed to in high school. However, with over 40 different sporting codes offered by TuksSport, UP students have the unique opportunity to become involved in anything from Ultimate Frisbee, underwater hockey and canoeing to archery and softball. For those looking to try something new, Perdeby has compiled a list of some unconventional sporting codes offered by TuksSport.


How TuksSport select players


UP’s sports department, TuksSport, offers students the opportunity to showcase their talent and take part in national and international events. TuksSport offers three groups of clubs namely, priority clubs, recreational clubs, and specialized clubs.

Specialized clubs and recreational clubs are open to everyone, and they do not have a selection criterion for their members. One can simply join by filling out a membership form and paying their membership fee at UP’s LC de Villiers Sports Campus reception.

However, there are a few open clubs that fall under priority clubs, the likes of TuksGolf, TuksSquash, TuksCricket, and TuksTennis. With these open clubs, anyone is free to join by filling out a membership form and paying a membership fee.


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