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Sport at Tuks: the choice is yours


Whether you were the star fly-half for your high school rugby team or the kid on the bleachers slowly roasting away in the summer sun, Tuks is bound to have a recreational activity that will pique your interest.

Sport is a great way of meeting new people and making friends. It is also the best method to prevent you falling victim to the infamous “first-year spread”. Do not fall into the trap of assuming that the only sports that Tuks offers are the conventional rugby, cricket, netball and hockey. During your time as a student you can partake in over 30 different types of sporting activities like fencing, judo and volleyball. Perdeby has done some research to show you what TuksSport has to offer.

Are you weary of a contact sport? Join the club. The only problem is deciding what club you should join. The chess team won’t mind having an extra person to practise against and giving your brain a workout might give you that edge as soon as the first semester tests roll in. Perhaps you enjoy swimming but you definitely aren’t the next Chad le Clos? The lifesaving club offers a combination of first aid, obstacles and swimming that adds up to a great all round workout. Exploratio is another option. Many enjoy a weekend outdoors to partake in hiking, rock-climbing and going on adventures.

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Tuks underwater hockey: a breathtaking student sport choice


Tuks is well known for its wide range of diverse sports. One of these is underwater hockey, also known as Octopush. At first glance you might think this unique sport is just an adaptation of hockey for water, however it is actually a combination of several features and adaptations of the sport.

Unlike field hockey, the game consists of ten players per side: six players in the water and four substitutes. The game is played using fins, diving masks, snorkels, swimming caps, silicone gloves and miniature hockey-like sticks. Instead of a regular sized ball, a heavy puck is used which sinks to the pool floor and moves at a surprisingly high speed.

The rules are similar to that of field hockey but with fewer limitations. No goalkeeper is needed in this sport and all of the other positions are relative to the puck and not the playing area.

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Residence sport: team, family and fun


Residence sport has seen substantial growth over the years. Simply put, team members must belong to a university residence, day house, a society on campus or a faculty house. These teams compete against one another in house leagues across many different sporting codes. The sporting codes include football, netball, hockey, rugby and various other sports which many students have yet to explore.

The Student Sports Committee (SSC) ensures that the overall coordination and management of the matches. This allows students to enjoy recreational activities and the competition has grown fiercely, with a few rivalries developing amongst teams competing to be campus league winners. Other sports include the likes of badminton, chess and tennis, where students are allowed to participate in games to improve their skills.

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Smiles and splits: TuksCheerleading a growing sport


Cheerleading is a thriving sport, even though it has only recently been declared an official sport at Tuks. Along with the University of Johannesburg, Stellenbosch University and North-West University, the popularity for cheerleading is spreading across the country. The TuksCheerleading squad currently has a total of 18 members, 15 female and 3 male and is made up of a variation of dancers, acrobats and gymnasts, all of whom add to the uniqueness of the team.

The squad cheers at every big home game that takes place at Tuks, including netball, rugby and football matches. Cheering takes place pre-game and mid-game. There is also the possibility of additional duties if the events coordinator has arranged with the squad beforehand.

Cheering has a marked impact on the atmosphere of a match. “The squad is there is boost team morale of the audience and helps create an enthusiastic vibe for the team playing,” says TuksCheerleading captain Matt van Zyl.

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Past and potential future Springboks from Tuks


The Tuks rugby club has become a great breeding ground for producing many professional South African rugby players. The Tuks rugby club is the largest in South Africa boasting as many 55 teams. Being in existence for over a century, a total of 87 Springboks have emerged from TuksRugby, four of them Springbok captains.

Rugby World Cup winners Victor Matfield, Fourie du Preez and Wynand Olivier are a few rugby players who come from Tuks. This reputation of producing star rugby players has seen many young aspiring rugby players attracted to Tuks.

The LC de Villiers sports grounds serve as the home base for these young athletes. It has state-of-the-art training facilities and a large capacity stadium for the youngsters to display their talent. The pedigree and professionalism of TuksRugby is exceptional and this is evident from the appointment of former Griquas head coach Pote Human. Human took over the coaching reigns of UP Tuks-1 in 2013 and is one of many professional coaches employed to hone the rugby talent at Tuks.

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