TuksBasketball’s Ludwig Gerdes reflects on team’s recent performances

Ntokozo Zondo

TuksBasketball men’s first team participated in the Ashraf tournament from 23-29 April and the Tshwane May Day Tournament on 1 May. TuksBasketball chairperson Ludwig Gerdes, said “We entered both tournaments with intentions of being one of the best basketball sides in the country, playing high quality basketball.”

The Ashraf Tournament saw the team lose their first three games and not qualifying for the knockout stage of the tournament.

However, The Tshwane May Day Tournament provided an opportunity for redemption for the team as they showed up in full force winning three games and earning themselves a spot in the semi-finals. To qualify for the semi-finals, they had achieved a score of 39-20 against the Charioteers, a comfortable win of 49-20 against the 012 and a score of 35-29 against the Soldiers. The team played and lost to Africa Elite in the finals resulting in them earning second place overall in the tournament.

The first team which is captained by Rufaro Warinda, entered both competitions with set objectives for their performance. Gerdes who plays on the first team rotating between small forward and power forward positions, reviewed the team’s performance for both tournaments reflecting that, “We feel the performance at the Ashraf tournament left a lot to be desired, but also that we redeemed ourselves considerably in the Tshwane May Day tournament.” He further emphasized that, “As much as our goals and results did not align in the Ashraf Tournament it served as a learning curve and we made our intentions clear in the second tournament playing the brand of basketball that makes us one of the best teams in the country.”

Gerdes who is in his final year studying BCom Business Management at UP commented that he would stay involved in basketball reassuring that, “I currently play professionally in the Basketball National League (BNL) [and] I also coach a number of high school teams and clubs.” Gerdes encouraged students who might consider joining the club saying, “Basketball is a vibrant and exciting sport. Whether you want to play at a high level or just stay active, the club can certainly cater for its members.”


Photo: Ntombi Mkandhla

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