Letter Issue 2

As a student who sat in the crowd during Ienkmelodienk this year, I do not understand how Stuku can allow any residence, whether they are a day house, an on-campus residence or a private residence such as Sonop, to participate in a student culture event without even one student of color on stage. I think it is time that structures on campus start to take a stance and disqualify residences or societies who fail to implement transformation. It seems that as long as you can talk a good transformation game that is enough. People need to understand that in 2016 it is no longer enough to just talk transoformation and I call on student structures such as the SRC and Stuku to implement a quota for further events such as the upcoming Serrie or Serenade or anything that happens on campus. Every year we complain and every year nothing changes.



SRC deputy president apologises for EFF behaviour

This is a formal apology from myself, Luvuyo Menziwa, the SRC deputy president, to Busisiwe [Beje], the Perdeby journalist who was attacked by a number of EFF members during a meeting when the EFF was supposed to have launched a branch at the Groenkloof campus where her phone was forcefully taken and a recording was deleted due to miscommunication and misunderstanding. I understand that as deputy president of the SRC it is within my duties to ensure that students feel represented and safe around me, therefore I should have acted better as I was in the same venue with Busisiwe and the EFF members during that meeting. I therefore take full responsibility on behalf of the SRC and apologise for the inappropriate behaviour and misconduct of the EFF members. As a member of the EFF, I apologise on behalf of the EFF as we’ll be considering the fact that the EFF condemns any form of discrimination, abuse and victimisation against women. Therefore, we would like to say we are sorry and guarantee that such behaviour and misconduct won’t take place again. Please consider accepting my apology.



SRC deputy president

Luvuyo Menziwa

Letter to the editor: 11 May

Lately it seems that the number of people begging around the campus area has increased. It feels horrible to say no to someone asking for money so that they are able to feed themselves or their children while I walk with a full stomach and other privileges in my life that I can easily do without. Yes, we can help them by either buying them food or giving them some spare change, but how many times can we? Once? Maybe twice or even a third time, but we cannot help them every day.

There is a man who stands around Festival Street who takes anything that you give him and gives a bracelet in return. Recently a friend and I went to Pick ‘n Pay at Hatfield Plaza and a skinny boy dressed in dirty clothes approached us and asked my friend to buy him some bread and butter. I have been approached by two different men at two different times claiming that they needed money for their mother’s operation and would accept any donation that I was willing to give them. There is also a man who plays the guitar for change at the entrance of the Plaza and an old blind lady who sits with a cup in her hand.

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Letter to the editor: 11 May

I will admit that even though I’m a fairly well educated individual, I am ignorant on many issues because they might not affect me and/or I may be blind to them. However, when the opportunity presents itself, I do attend forums or events and try to engage in pressing matters and issues with regard to student life and the state of our country. The recent transformation event hosted by ABASA and the SRC was one I was glad I did not miss out on. I thoroughly enjoyed how the panel brought up the issue of transformation with regard to their own individual societies or political parties. It was very informative for me, as when you talk about transformation, you tend to narrow it down to race, class, the past, apartheid, etc. People tend to forget about certain specific genders and communities affected (women, the LGBT community, and people living with disabilities).

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Letter to Perdeby | 20 April 2015

Rhodes is nie geskiedenis nie

Die #RhodesMustFall-beweging by die Universiteit van Kaapstad het ‘n soort rassisme oopgekrap wat nie andersins maklik vasgepen kan word nie. Dit het baie te doen met die konteks van die universiteit.

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