Letter to the editor

I think it is outrageous to regard what those two students did as a racist act. The fact that they did this at a private party shows that they were not intending to incite any public disturbance or to offend anyone. It was merely humour. The fact that their picture went viral was that they were negligent enough to forget that there is really no privacy in social media.

Barbarism in the 21st century is ignorance of your surroundings. We should be dealing with more pressing issues like corruption, murder, education crisis and climate change. Instead of persecuting these girls (or anyone for that matter), proper education on race should be provided.

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Open letter to the SRC

Following last week’s second quarterly Student Forum meeting, we as AfriForum Youth Tuks representatives, would like to comment on the events that took place during the meeting.

Firstly we would like to thank the President Enwee Human for giving us a thorough report regarding the duties and activities of the SRC and Emile Zitzke of the Constitutional Tribunal for following proper procedure during the meeting.

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Letter to the editor 13 May 2014



As a postgraduate psychology student, the words “personal growth” came up a few times during my undergraduate years.

They were almost always accompanied with words like “counselling” and “development”. This is where the course that LifeLine Pretoria offers is a great opportunity: it is a personal growth course followed by a counselling skills course. It has helped me to grow and given me the skills I know will benefit me as a psychology student. As psychology students, we need the learning experience and skills that LifeLine offers. So I urge you all to find out more about the course, it has helped me - as an honours student - a great deal.

Rochelle Kirstein



Letter to the editor

Update: Walk For Freedom and Let's Talk Democracy

Statement: The Student Representative Council (SRC) along with the Tuks Student Political Association (TSPA) have planned events in 2014 in order for the University of Pretoria to celebrate 20 years of democracy in South Africa. The “I Love Democracy” campaign was launched at a corporate brunch with society representatives on 27 March 2014.

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Letter to the editor 14 April 2014

Open letter to AfriForum

We have been at Tuks for three years, but not one day have we heard AfriForum address key issues that are affecting students, issues that include, res accommodation, financial aid or the racism that students face daily, yet they are quick to go to high courts and insult top management about cultures in the university, lack of parking for students, and issues that only cater for majority of white Afrikaans students, yet they claim to fight for students in general.

As black students, parking, res tradition and culture are the last things on our mind. How can we stress such issues when we have no financial support, nor a roof over our head, why is that? If AfriForum can afford to go to the high court over minor issues, why can’t they use the same resources to address issues that include basic needs, or the provision of services to the students.

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