Letter to the Editor Issue 18| Letter 1


I read this week’s issue of Perdeby, and what touched me is the article on suicide rates. The reason it touched me is because I was once depressed and had suicidal thoughts at some point last year first semester. What allowed to me get through such a period are the words I wrote and which have helped me during difficult times.

It is said that hard work pays off, but I’m sure that statement is forever doubted when one goes through life’s difficulties. Everything just falls apart and seems to be a never ending nightmare. You begin to question the worth of your efforts, whether or not you are good enough to do this, and some people get to the point of questioning their existence. The question is, should you give up just because trials and tribulations are pounding themselves on you? I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t throw in the towel on your dreams and goals…Why? Because God loves you. Keep at it. One day you will see the results

- Sean Nkomo

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