Letter to the editor | Issue 4 | Letter 3

As a student at this institution I am highly offended at the option that Sepedi should be a language included in our curriculum. What about all the other African languages?

It is not all black people in Pretoria who are familiar and comfortable with that language. English should be the standard language for all students of all races, as it is the standard language of communication across the world.

The language policy should be the least of this institution’s concerns. Last year we all saw the rise of the #FeesMustFall movement. Nothing is being said about this. What will happen in October when we as students decide to cause commotion? It is definite. The reality is our fees are sky high and, fair enough, this is one the best institutions in South Africa, but what is this institution doing to combat this reality? What are political parties doing? Wits has raised over R3 million for their students, it is honestly sad to see that nothing is being said to UP students regarding a way forward by the institution as well as all political parties. Issues like residence placements, those are the policies that should be reviewed.

As a learner in this institution, I feel that we are focused on issues at hand and we are not looking at the chaos that could arise in a couple of months.

This process is taking a toll on us as students. It raises great concerns about our futures with this institution

Charmain Mathebula

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