Letter to the editor | Issue 4 | Letter 2

Good day

South Africa is a power battle between blacks and whites and this has been evident in the university. As an Indian I am not sure which category I fall in. According to the Constitution, we fall under previously disadvantaged, but from personal experiences that is not what happens.

Indians and coloureds seem to be disadvantaged in current times. I have not seen a bursary or a job advertisement for Indians only or coloureds only. Instead of being assessed on merit, we are being assessed on colour, mainly black and white, and if you’re not one of the above it seems you’re non-existent.

If things were done on merit, would we develop faster as a country, or will we hire incompetent people to fill in jobs they are not qualified for, or as in my case award bursaries to a student whose average is 52, compared to mine which is 74, because he is black and I’m Indian. This is just a story that I thought would be an interesting one that would cause a debate and interaction among students.

Azhar Farhad

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