Letter to the editor | Issue 4 | Letter 1

I strongly condemn the editor’s reply in saying that Perdeby’s editorial did not amount to hate speech. Freedom of expression is not the point in this situation. The editorial amounted to a condescending tone throughout, with wording/phrasing that could be incited to form hate speech to certain groups of persons. The editor should be held to a higher standard, as they ought to be familiar with the rationale and standard expected of them. The Code of Ethics & Conduct for SA Print & Online Media stipulates in provision 5.1 that denigratory references to persons should be avoided, and that a person’s status (in this case as a cyclist or resident student) should not be referred to in a prejudicial manner. The correct course of action in my opinion would be for the editor to retract their editorial and issue a formal apology.

Rainier Rademan

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