Letter Issue 3

Reply to the anonymous letter in the 1 February 2016 edition of Perdeby

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for bringing up your concerns regarding Ienkmelodienk.
Firstly, Stuku and its committee are pro-transformation and pro-change. It is, however, important to point out that Stuku is a student service provider. This means that it is not part of our job description to decide who is allowed to participate in events and who is not allowed to participate. This remains true for other student service providers as well.

As a service provider, we create a platform in order for these competitions and events to take place. Under Stuku’s constitution, not allowing societies or residences to compete would be discrimination in itself. As long as a residence or society is accredited according to their own constitution (residence constitution under TuksRes, society constitutions) we must allow them to participate. Therefore I urge you to please take this up with the relevant parties regarding the matter, as we are here to provide a platform and a service to the students.

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