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Perdeby Experience: Keep your head in the clouds, hiking the Mweni Pass.

Michael Ridge

Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something different and exciting.  This week Michael Ridge hiked the Mweni Pass in KwaZulu-Natal with Exlporatio, UP’s adventure club.

I have always found that a hike is the very definition of soul-food activity, an adventure that excites the body and mind while calming the soul. This particular hike up Mweni Pass was no exception.

On the morning of thehike we woke up before the sun had even thought of rising, piled into a couple of bakkies and started our adventure.

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What in the world is going on? Perdeby’s weekly news round up

Aroma Theron

Every week Perdeby puts together this week’s biggest national and international news stories.


So, you have had a tough week with tests and assignments but you still want to be equipped for conversations about current affairs with your friends. We at Perdeby understand that this can sometimes be difficult to balance. This is why we have provided you with a weekly summary of important local and international happenings and events.

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How to Truly Save Money

Nandipha Dilla

Every week Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day-to-day life. This week, we take a brief look at the best ways to save money.


Open a Tax Free Savings Account

A tax free savings account (TFSA) is the government’s way of creating an incentive for people to save money over the by making sure that no tax is charged on dividends, interest or capital gains earned from this particular type of account as long as the amount saved in the account does not exceed R33 000 per tax year. There is alsoa R500 000life time limit per person. TFSAs are available through many financial institutions in South Africa, and many have a minimum monthly deposit of R500 to the account. This not only puts more money into your savings, this is a plan that works better psychologically as you won’t see your money sitting in your bank account and be tempted to spend it.

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Food lover’s guide to Hatfield

Nandipha Dilla

With the number and caliber of restaurants that have made Hatfield their home in the past few years since The Square’s untimely demise having increased dramatically, it made sense to put together a fast food free guide to tempt your taste buds when you have a few extra Rands to spend.


Burgerack, Hatfield Plaza

If you happen to be craving a craft burger, a rack of ribs or even hard-shell tacos for a meal,Burgerack is one of the newer restaurants to hit the streets of Hatfield and offers a unique New York style dining experience to the everyday consumer at prices that surprisingly don’t break the bank. With the restaurant’s bustling city aesthetic creating the perfect backdrop for catching up with a group of friends after the two month school holiday, it’s an experience that will leave anyone counting their coins for more.

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Perdeby party guide 20-26 February

Ashleigh Nefdt



Arcade Empire at 18:30: Quiz night. Become the envy of all your friends as you destroy them all (whilst still being a good sport) at Arcade’8:30: Qnight. Bar Tabs are up for grabs. Tables of 4-6 people and you can make your booking via Whatsapp on 079 805 2447. No entry fee.

Aandklas at 20:00: Karaoke. Happy Hour between 20:00 and 21:00. Entrance is free.

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