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What you should have learned at school: how to deal with a loved one’s passing.


Every week, Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day to day life. This week, we take a look on how to deal with a loved one’s passing.

Learning how to deal with death is an inevitable anxiety we all have to get through. It is important to protect your physical and emotional well-being from permanent deterioration in this difficult period. Everyone goes through the grieving process differently, but Perdeby suggests the following tips for processing it.

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Perdeby party guide: 1-7 August


Some of you may want to enter the new month with a bang, while others may want to relax and enjoy their social lives before the semester test period arrives and steals them for good. Either way, Perdeby recommends you try these events this week.



Madison Avenue at 20:00: ‘The Walking Dead’. Nerina and Vividus Men have joined forces as team to host this zombie-themed party for the next PartyfestSynergy ’17 event. This is a competition in which teams have to create movie-based themes and decorate accordingly. Tickets are R10 presold (available from Vividus Men and Nerina members). If you buy tickets at the door, it’s R20 for students and R30 for the general public.

Jolly Roger at 20:00: Roger that Tuesday. Line-up includes: Romario Afonso, Bongani Zulu, KDC, and TjaartO b2b Smith. Drink specials: three double vodka and mix for R60 and two double Klipdrift and coke for R45. Entrance is R20.

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Live action adaptations of anime: yes or no?

With the release of the trailer for the live action series of the popular Death Note anime, adapted from the Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, Perdeby started thinking about previous anime which were made into live action adaptations that went wrong.

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Perdeby experience: visiting a psychic


Every week Perdeby sends its journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Perdeby visited Neels Els, a psychic medium.

Neels Els is a psychic medium based in Elardus Park, Pretoria. He covers medium sessions (also known as ‘crossing over’), psychic healing, physical healing, energy healings, structure cleansings, and future readings. Els told Perdeby that he was born psychic into a very religious Afrikaans family, and both of his grandmothers were psychic. Els has been practicing for 19 years, developing a successful and honest reputation in the field. He says that he has only failed to connect to the dead in crossing over sessions twice. Els is also confident in his future readings, stating that “people claim that [he is] 95% on the spot” with readings.

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Whatsapp group etiquette

Do you often find that when you finally get the chance to relax and your phone is blown up by 100s of group messages on Whatsapp? Well, Perdeby can relate to this and so we have compiled a list of Whatsapp group “dos and don’ts” that we feel should be followed by all to make life a little bit easier.

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