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“Where the French fries are fresh”: A YouTube guide to cooking for yourself


Learning to cook for yourself (and cooking on a budget) could be one of the biggest adjustments you face this year. But planning your weekly meals can really improve your student life – from freeing up your time, to picking up your mood after a tough semester test. To help you get inspired for your food year ahead, we’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels and playlists that will keep you from queueing at Steers every day:

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First year party guide


Where to go: The Jolly Roger, Hatfield a.k.a Jollys 

When to go: Tuesdays for Roger That Tuesdays, or Sundays for Sunday Sessions

Why should I go? Jolly’s is your one stop for a techno tunes on Tuesdays featuring artists like Bongani Zulu and Swade Shift.

Specials: Jolly’s specials are usually dependent on the event they’re hosting.

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High school vs University


Welcome to university, where if you came straight from high school, things are about to change very quickly. You are probably aware of your sudden freedom to completely do as you please but maybe some of the changes will surprise you. Perdeby has compiled a list to give you a heads up on the differences that you will encounter between your new university life and your previous high school experiences.

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Dos and don’ts: How to be safe around Hatfield


If you ask anyone about Hatfield, they will tell you that it is an exciting and cool place to hangout. However, Hatfield also has its dangers, especially at night. What appears to be upbeat streets with students having good times also provides dangerous scenarios.

We have compiled a list of safety tips from current and former students on surviving in Hatfield.

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A comprehensive student loan guide

Applying for a university loan can be a daunting task. Perdeby has put together a list of all the things you need to know when applying for loans at South Africa’s major banks.



What is covered?

Tuition fees, accommodation costs, computer equipment and prescribed textbooks.

Is there a minimum and/or maximum amount that I apply for?

There is a minimum application amount of R15 000.

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