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Perdeby Party Guide: 27 March – 2 April




Arcade Empire at 19:00: Quiz Night. Bar tabs are up for grabs and there is no entry fee. Tables of 4 – 6 people can be booked via Whatsapp on 079 805 2447.

Aandklas at 19:00: Karaoke. Free entrance. Happy hour between 20:00 and 21:00.



Aandklas at 20:00: Quiz Night. With free entry and a maximum group size of eight people, quiz night is guaranteed to be a fun way to test your knowledge for a high five or a shot. Pen and paper is provided and you’ll enter your team right before the quiz begins.

Madison Avenue at 20:00: Varsity Challenge. Week two, once again, challenges every student to write their name and res name on an entry card in a bid to win a party bus and a R10 000 bar tab for their residence. Resident DJs Solly P and Castellano will be on deck with Madison Mugs and buy one get one free shooter specials.



Aandklas at 20:00: Hard Rock Thursdays. R10 entrance fee at the door. Happy Hour from 20:00 to 21:00

Urbanite Lounge at 18:00: Urban Thursdays hosted by Black Salt Entertainment supported by Deck Burna, Biggie, Taj and MT. Book a table by contacting

Madison Avenue at 20:00: Unbreakable PTA Edition. Lineup includes DJ Speedsta, Shane Eagle and Frank Casino. Entrance fee is R60 before 22:00 and R80 afterwards. Drink specials include Madison Mugs, and buy one get one free shot specials from 22:00 to 00:00

Blue Room at 19:00: Ladies on top Thursdays presents Zodwa Wabantu. Drink specials include half price cocktails and R7 Savanna special from 19:00 to 21:00.  DJs Biggie, Phojow, Hunose, Onny will be on deck with night’s MC: Kevin. Table bookings: 012 342 7330.

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Clay in the life: Potters Place experience

Rebecca Woodrow

Every week, Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something different and exciting. This week Rebecca Woodrow attended a class at Potters Place to get her hands dirty (and make a bowl).

When my lovely editor gave me the logistics for this assignment and said the class would last three hours, I thought the class duration was excessive. Famous last words; I used every second of those three hours and left the class a sweaty mess.

Marilise was my instructor and decided I would be using a technique called curling to make a bowl. She gave me a slightly intimidating block of paper clay, which became more intimidating when she showed me that I would have to take individual pieces of it and roll them into long, finger-thick strands.

You make the strand by rolling about two golf-balls worth of clay into ball, then use a large, flat surface to roll it out into a cylinder using the back and forth rolling motion of your hand (then hands as the strand gets longer) from the tip of your fingers to a few centimetres below your wrist. It took me an hour to make all my strands. Marilise asked if I had previous experience with this while I was making them. I don’t know if she was complimenting me or trying to build my confidence for the task ahead but it was encouraging.  

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Chick flicks coming out in 2018


Yes, the student life is very busy and difficult when it comes to juggling your time between assignments, tests and leisure. But let us not kid ourselves, there is always some time available to binge a series or watch a movie. So, to help you fill this time Perdebyhas compiled a list of non-traditional ‘chick flicks’ coming out in 2018. These movies are chosen on the basis that they present a strong female protagonist or multiple strong female leads, as 2018 seems like the year of strong women.


Lara Croft
In this reboot of the early 2000s movie series, Alicia Vikander takes over the lead from Angelina Jolie. This movie was released on 16 March and is currently in cinemas at the time of publication. Lara goes on a journey to solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance even though she refuses to take the reins of her father’s global empire and rejects the idea that he is truly gone. If action isn’t what you want then this movie promises to fulfil your nostalgia and need for an easy watching movie. It still has a pretty badass female lead character.


Red Sparrow
This movie is also currently available in cinemas at the time of publication. Following an injury that ends her career, the prima ballerina Dominika Egorova, goes to Sparrow School, a secret intelligence service that trains exceptional young people to use their bodies and minds as weapons. If this doesn’t entice you to watch the movie, then consider that another powerful woman plays the lead - Jennifer Lawrence.

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Non-traditional ways to save water

Aroma Theron

Cape Town’s water restrictions might sound like old news to you and you might feel that the issue doesn’t concern you. With news breaking that Day Zero (the day when Cape Town’s taps are cut off) is pushed back to 2019, dependent on rain and residents continuing to save water, you might even think that water restrictions are not continuing. But saving water is part of being a responsible adult and maybe even something that they should have taught you in school. So that is why we at Perdeby, compiled a list of helpful non-traditional ways to save water.


Be a good friend
So how does being a good friend save water? Well, when you don’t have a lot of clothes to wash, ask your friends if they also have a few things they would like to wash, to make the load bigger. Now you saved water and gained some brownie points. Do the same when it comes to dishes.


Get a get shower buddy
And by shower buddy we of course mean – a bucket. Use this bucket to catch all of the water while you shower, to recycle later or for flushing the toilet.


Learn to count till 50
Cape Town’s level 6B water restrictions currently limit every person to 50 litres of water a day. This sounds like a lot but the litres add up quickly. Try to be more conscious of the amount of water you use daily for various activities and try and limit yourself to a specific amount, you’ll be surprised what number you come to when you add everything up and you’ll appreciate how dependent on water we are in our daily lives.


Grow out your hair
A lot of water is wasted daily when it comes to personal grooming. So, have you ever wanted to grow a beard? Then here is your excuse: to save water. If you shave, use a cup rather than the tap. A lot of water is also wasted when shaving your legs and by simply turning the shower off, you can save 30 litres of water each time.

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What you should have learned at school: How to job interview for amateurs

Ashleigh Nefdt

Every week Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day-to-day life. This week, we take a look on simple ways to prepare for a job interview.

A large part of being a student means learning how to be an adult. One important step in the great, and somewhat tragic, journey to adulthood, is learning how to conquer the job interview. Whether you’re a somewhat awkward person, or someone who’s every fiber oozes confidence and charm, when it comes to your first job interview, even the mighty of us can face an attack of nerves.


Dress for the generation thats hiring you.
This may require a bit of research, but finding out the generation your interviewer falls into can help earn you some points. Example: If you’re going to be interviewed by a baby boomer, do not under any circumstances wear jeans with holes unless you want to be asked if you couldn’t afford a full pair of jeans. If you’ve got a millennial interviewing you, wearing your grandfather’s suit might not give off the impression you intended.

Remember to keep it super professional though no matter who is interviewing you.

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