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Perdeby party guide: 19- 25 September




The Jolly Roger at 20:00: Roger that. Line-up includes: Dogstarr, Byron Ashley, Master Simz and Keren Onay. R30 entrance.

Aandklas at 19:30: Quiz night. Book a table beforehand by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Wednesday 16:00 or book on the night before the quiz starts for free. Maximum eight people in a team. Free entrance.

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Perdeby Experience: A trip to The Waste Group


Every week, Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week, Tshilisanani Ndou accompanied the Greenline society on their visit to The Waste Group.

The Waste Group is a company involved in waste management that has been contracted by the University of Pretoria. Their recycling efforts have resulted in the University being actively involved in successfully reducing waste on all six campuses. The Greenline society focuses on raising awareness on environmental issues that affect the University campuses as well as society at large. This trip was to help the society's leaders to get to know the intricacies of waste management from a successful waste management university vendor.

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What you should have learned at school: The University of Pretoria’s Constitution for Student Governance


Every week Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day-to-day life. This week, we take a brief look at The Constitution for Student Government.

The Constitution for Student Governance (CSG) is the document which governs all students and studentorganisations at UP. The preamble of the CSG states that it is founded on the principles of dignity, equal recognition and respect for all individuals and communities, and a commitment to transparent and efficient student governance. The preamble also affirms the principles set out in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. The CSG binds all students, studentorganisations and the Student Representative Council (SRC). It is, however, subordinate to the Higher Education Act 101 of 1997, the Institutional Rules of UP and the UP Statute. The current CSG has been in place since 2013.

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The benefits of house-plants and how to keep them alive


Spring is swiftly on its way and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with opening your home to a new friend: a house plant. Perdeby believes in the benefits of sharing your home with a plant friend and has compiled a listwith these benefits and also some tips on how to keep them alive and happy.

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Party Guide 12-18 September




The Jolly Roger:  Roger that Tuesday. Specials include the usual three double vodka and mix for R60 and two double Klipdrift and coke for R45.

Entrance is free before 20:00.

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