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Perdeby Party Guide: 6 March



Aandklas at 19:30: Regular quiz night. Mieliepop tickets are up for grabs.

Springbok at 19:00: Regular quiz night. Be sure to book your table!

Blue Room 16:00-19:00: Half-price on beers, coolers, tots, and ciders.

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Pizzacoustics: live DJs, all you can eat pizza for R80, and two for one jam jars. Entry is free.

Jolly Roger: Pizza is R50. The kitchen closes at 20:30.

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The ultimate rainy day playlist

With the wet weather settling in, the perfect playlist is necessary to combat the gloom that accompanies the imminent and impending gloom. Try these nine diverse tacks to lift your spirits and to actually enjoy the rain.

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Review: ‘No Strings’ (single) - Rouge


After many months of anticipation, Rouge has finally dropped a single from her upcoming album, The New Era Session. The song, titled ‘No Strings’, debuted last week. The song is produced by Mae N Major and its lyrics are fun and flirty. The song is centred around a girl who is constantly having to ‘friend zone’ guys, as she is not looking for anything serious. With lyrics such as “I got no ties to you” and “Now you asking for relationship goals, baby I’m a savage, I ain’t with your vision”, it is clear that Rouge means business. If this single is anything to go by, the female rapper is not planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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Shadowclub, Hellcats, and Miagii rock out at Arcade Empire


On Friday night, the official build up to Lush, the music festival held in Clarens over  Easter weekend, commenced. The pre-party was held at Arcade Empire. Miagii (a rock band from Johannesburg) opened the night with Hellcats (a two-piece ‘bare knuckle’ rock band) following them, and Shadowclub headlined the night. The line-up for the evening was very interesting, as only Hellcats have been confirmed to play at Lush this year. The evening was a typical rock night at Arcade, with a great amount of head banging, a lot of piercings and tattoos, and good music. The night started off fairly small. Miagii didn't draw a sizable crowd until halfway through their set, but their energy and quality never wavered. Hellcats pulled more people, and the crowd constantly grew as they continued with their heavy, busy, and energetic set. Shadowclub really pulled through. The stage area was packed as people piled in to watch these old favourites. They chose an interesting set list, as it was a lot slower than the other two bands. True to form, Shadowclub had everyone moving. Arcade Empire pulled off a successful evening, catering to almost all rock fans and accommodating varying tastes.

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