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Red My Lips April 2017

Red My Lips is an “international nonprofit organisation” that aims to raise awareness and funds for sexual violence and support victims. Every year they run a worldwide campaign. The campaign encourages people to wear red lipstick every day in the month of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness month., the Red My Lips campaign uses it to represent the strife victims endure, often being accused of being overly sexual and ‘tempting’ their abusers. They challenge people to wear the daring and bold shade every day with the aim of getting attention and ending the regrettably prevalent invisibility of the issue caused by the “stigma and shame” that surrounds sexual violence.

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Each week, Perdeby takes a look back at an article from 25 years ago, to put into perspective the way the world around us has changed since then.

Perdeby 27 March 1992
25 years ago

Lente terug by LC – Wen ‘n Toyota / Spring returns to LC – Win a Toyota

On 16 September the annual Spring Day celebrations are set to take place on LC de Villiers sport grounds. All post grad students who achieved a grade point average of 60% or more will stand a chance to win a Toyota car. The competition is linked to academics to show that the SRC’s is serious about the matter. The SRC will draw the winner on Spring Day and should the winner not be present, they will draw again until someone claims the car.
According to Kallie Kriel, the SRC member responsible for the Spring Day celebrations, an Afrikaans week will also be organised. Spring Day was initially implemented to celebrate the switch from English to Afrikaans at the University of Pretoria. A rock show is also planned for this week.



Fred Khumalo visits UP

On 24 March, Fred Khumalo visited UP as part of the Meet Your Writers initiative established by members of the Department of English in collaboration with the Department of Library Services. He spoke about his career and his new novel, Dancing the Death Drill. The event was hosted in the Merensky Library’s auditorium and attended by students and academics alike.

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What they didn’t teach us in school: Income tax, the basics

Every week, Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school that would assist you in day to day life. This week, we take a look at income tax.Those of us who will be starting to work, and (hopefully) earn some decent money for a change, will have heard of a little deduction on your first pay cheque (and every one after that) called income tax or PAYE.

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Perdeby experience: Secret Sunrise


Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Lorinda Marrian attended the Human Right’s Day Secret Sunrise session at the Voortrekker Monument.

Secret Sunrise is an inclusive community that is founded on a conscious movement experience. In each session the participants are guided through 60 minutes of dance and playful movement to help them let go, have fun and connect with themselves and one another. Each participant is provided with a set of wireless headphones through which they are guided by a variety of eccentric and energetic instructors.  

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