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Perdeby party guide: 27 September – 2 October


WEDNESDAY, 27 September

Aandklas at 19:30: Regular quiz night. Maximum team size: eight people. Entrance is free.  

Springbok at 19:30: Regular quiz night. Be sure to book at 079 805 2447. Entrance is free. Maximum team size: six people. Prizes to be won: bar tabs. 

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Axe Lourens. Free entrance. All-you-can-eat pizza for R80. Two-for-one jam jars. Boxcar Street Food Eatery menu will be available.

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Perdeby Experience: Boksaand 2017

Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Sally Hartzenberg attended Boksaand 2017.
Entering the 012Central building on the evening of 21 September the air was electric, as the students from Maroela Residence were preparing for the annual Boksaand event. The event that started in 1998 in Maroela’s recreational hall has since held the reputation for being thrilling, outrageous and exciting. The students surrounding the boxing ring were all on the edge of their seats as Maroela boxers battled it out for the win. The contenders, ranging from all social backgrounds, brought their A-game to the ring with some training as far as two months prior to the event. An action-packed night unfolded as the first bell rang through the building.

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What you should have learned at school: How to survive in a nuclear attack

Every week Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day-to-day life. This week, we take a brief look at how to survive a nuclear attack.
So you’re waking up to ash and dust, you wipe your brow and you sweat your rust…
Imagine Dragons references aside, it’s time to Imagine Nuclear Armageddon because we’re bringing ’88 back. Because we’re on the brink of nuclear war. Here’s a very serious guide on what to do when world leaders are foolishly threatening to throw apocalyptic tantrums.

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Perdeby No-party guide

Maybe you find clubs stressful and bars too loud and crowded, or maybe you just want to experience some of what Pretoria has to offer. Whatever your motivations, Perdeby has compiled a No-Party Guide for you to have some non-party fun before exam season starts.
If you love the outdoors or just want somewhere to unwind why not pay a visit to one of Pretoria’s many parks? Most parks have free entry, making them a great spot for an afternoon picnic. Some of the parks near UP include Magnolia Dell Park, Jan Cilliers Park, and Springbok Park. Don’t forget UP’s own tranquil outdoor retreat; LC de Villiers.

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Perdeby party guide: 19- 25 September




The Jolly Roger at 20:00: Roger that. Line-up includes: Dogstarr, Byron Ashley, Master Simz and Keren Onay. R30 entrance.

Aandklas at 19:30: Quiz night. Book a table beforehand by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Wednesday 16:00 or book on the night before the quiz starts for free. Maximum eight people in a team. Free entrance.

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