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App of the month: Cognition


Every month, Perdeby tests and reviews an app that we think makes life easier. This month, Cognition (an app dubbed as the ‘Uber of tutoring’) was put to the test.

Rating: 4/5

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Perdeby experience: self-defence class


Every week Perdeby sends its journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Perdeby attended an MMA (mixed martial arts) self-defence class.

Knowing how to physically defend yourself is a necessity. Doing an MMA class is something I needed to tick off my bucket list, which is why this opportunity was great. The only downside of the class was an awful lot of aching afterwards.

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What you should have learned in school: what to look for in contracts


Every week, Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day to day life. This week, we take a look at what to look out for in contracts. 

Knowing what to look for in a contract is an imperative tool for everyone. Whether it is a contract for buying your first car, a job contract, or a lease agreement, it is important to be aware of the obligations and clauses. Before signing a contract, be sure to seek the guidance of a lawyer to ensure your interests are secured before you sign the document. These are just a few tips to keep in mind when reading and signing a contract.

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The ultimate Women’s Day playlist


Women's Day only comes once a year. It can (and should be) celebrated by everyone. Perdeby decided to compile a playlist of 12 powerful tracks to remind everyone all how cool women are, to encourage you to embrace your feminist power, and help you celebrate today’s public holiday.

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Perdeby party guide: 8-14 August




The Jolly Roger at 19:00: Roger that Tuesday. Line-up includes: Mr Green, T-Stak, Chee and Reverse b2b Samurai Black. R30 entrance.

Madison Avenue at 20:00: Women’s day warm-up. Line-up includes: Lady Lea, KDC – DJ, Solly P and Apollo XI. Specials include: R5 drinks from 20:00 to 21:00, R7 drinks from 21:00 to 22:00, R10 shooters till midnight and R45 JamJars. R60 entrance and free entrance for ladies till 21:00.

Arcade Empire at 19:00: Ladies night. DJ Novocaine will be playing. Specials include: Buy-one-get-one-free JamJars and buy-one-get-one-free Hunters Dry, Black Label, Flying Fish, Selected Brutal Fruit, Vodka & Mix, Brandy & Mix (till 19:00). Entrance is free.

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