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Perdeby experiences: wine-tasting

Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Carly Twaddle went wine-tasting at Blos Café in Faerie Glen.

Although it is a bit out of the way, Blos Café is worth the 10km drive. Weekly specials, such as gin and sushi night on Mondays, entice a variety of patrons. Every Wednesday, they host a wine-tasting evening during which they showcase certain types of wine.

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Perdeby Party Guide: 13 March



Arcade Empire all day: Game night. This week’s game night features Mortal Combat. Entrance is free. Get all-you-can-eat sliders for R100, and ‘buy one get one free’ on jam jars.

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How not to get your car stolen


According to Brooklyn SAPS, the Hatfield area is regarded as a high crime zone. Official SAPS crime statistics for the 2015/2016 period show a decrease in all property-related crimes reported at Brooklyn SAPS, with the exception of burglary at residential areas. A total decrease of 8.7% was recorded between April 2014 to March 2015 and April 2015 to March 2016. However, there were still 529 reported cases of theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles, with a further 1 063 cases of theft out of motor vehicles. Ten cases of carjacking were also reported.  Perdeby has collaborated with SAPS and UP’s Department of Security Services to provide students with some tips on car safety.

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Perdeby experiences: making Rotis


Every week Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. This week Rebecca Woodrow decided to make rotis, a difficult and technical process.

Roti is a flatbread made with wheat flour. Flatbreads are found throughout the world from the Americas to South East Asia and accompany several dishes. Interesting versions includes a Sri Lankan recipe that uses coconut. In short, rotis are delicious and make life worth living.

I'm very good at eating rotis but I've never made them. Until Saturday.

Rotis are not for the lazy cook! You won't break a bone making them, but you will break a sweat. The process includes kneading dough, shaping it, keeping the little bundles of shaped dough cool by stashing them under a dampened dishcloth, flattening the pieces into a raw roti and buttering both sides while you flip and cook it on a hot pan. Essentially though, if you pay attention during the process and have a system going, disaster won't strike. You get into the groove somewhat (even if you are dealing with a hot pan and a delicate pancake that needs buttering).

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FNB Tuks wins round six of Varsity Cup with record 100-0 score


On 6 March, FNB Tuks made history in round six against FNB CUT as they broke the record for the highest score in a Varsity Cup game. Scoring 100-0, Tuks replaced the record held by the University of Johannesburg (UJ) with a score of 93-0 set in 2012. Tuks also continued their winning streak as they secured their third win over the Free State-based team. FNB Player that Rocks was awarded to Manie Libbok, who scored two tries and five conversions, including the last conversion of the game which secured the triple digit points.

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