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The truth about being a waitress


Every week, Perdeby sends their journalists to experience something out of their comfort zones. In this week’s experience piece, Asleigh Nefdt was a waitress for the first time.

It all started one morning during the last few days of the December holiday before university. Like most students, I too had allowed the summer to seduce me into spending money carelessly.

I needed a job. I followed the same direction that most students, struggling actors and female leads in movies do, I became a waitress.  Anyone who has ever waitressed will tell you that the first day is the toughest.

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Apps and websites that will make university life easier

Our generation is permanently glued to our phones and we use them for basically everything. Perdeby has put together a list of essential apps and websites to make your university life easier.



As a first year student you will realise that freedom is one of the best parts of university life. It is considered essential to explore the nightlife that Pretoria offers, but as the onslaught of human trafficking and kidnappings were reported across social media in the beginning of 2017, it is imperative that safety precautions are taken.

Namola is a free app that helps you receive emergency assistance when you need it the most. When you need help, you click the app open for emergency assistance from trained control centre operators who are ready to deploy the correct emergency responders to your location using your phone's GPS locator.

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“Where the French fries are fresh”: A YouTube guide to cooking for yourself


Learning to cook for yourself (and cooking on a budget) could be one of the biggest adjustments you face this year. But planning your weekly meals can really improve your student life – from freeing up your time, to picking up your mood after a tough semester test. To help you get inspired for your food year ahead, we’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels and playlists that will keep you from queueing at Steers every day:

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Pretoria Crash Course

Tuks is the tertiary institution of choice for students from all over South Africa, so their newfound home might deviate from what you may be used to. This is an outline of some of Pretoria’s characteristics such as its weather, transport and entertainment spots to help you get acquainted with the capital.


Pretoria Weather
The city is situated in a valley in the transitional area between the Highveld and the Bushveld. Its climate is humid subtropical with seasonal summer rainfalls and dry, clear-skied winters. The valley traps the heat of summer, contributing to high temperatures and humidity. Winter is an especially confusing time (not just because of exams) the clear skies and frigid temperature mean you run the risk of sunburn while freezing in the winter wind. Pretoria has its windy days, particularly around the change of seasons.

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First year party guide


Where to go: The Jolly Roger, Hatfield a.k.a Jollys 

When to go: Tuesdays for Roger That Tuesdays, or Sundays for Sunday Sessions

Why should I go? Jolly’s is your one stop for a techno tunes on Tuesdays featuring artists like Bongani Zulu and Swade Shift.

Specials: Jolly’s specials are usually dependent on the event they’re hosting.

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