What you should have learned at school: slick tips for quick trips

Every week Perdeby takes a look at something you should have learned at school to assist you in day-to-day life. This week, in order to celebrate the well-deserved October recess, we take a look at useful tips for planning a short holiday.


There’s no such thing as bad weather, only badly planned outfits. Look up what the weather conditions will be at your destination and on the way there. It can decide your mobility and comfort and can mean the difference between wanting your long weekend to never end, or it making it feel like it’s never ending.



Don’t be afraid to shy away from a good time if you aren’t feeling up to it. We all feel the FOMO, but if you feel like you’re getting sick sit the party out so you don’t end up missing out on more in the long run.


Food and Water
Keep water on you. Sure a water bottle can look lame but do you know what’s not lame? Hydration. It will keep you cool and a little more comfortable.

Food-wise, snacks are your friend. If you’re going with a group don’t be afraid to over organise the catering because food is a necessity for a reason. Those Snickers adverts are real: you aren’t yourself when you’re hungry.


We aren’t going to say money makes the world go ‘round because we all already know this. What we all tend to forget is the lack of ATMs out there in the wild so be sure to keep some cash on you. You don’t need to keep a wad of cold hard cash at the ready, but bring an amount you are comfortable having on your person for when you need it.


Feet are your friends. Make sure the shoes you’re wearing are comfy. Blister City is no-one’s dream destination.


Safety and Security
No matter how old this semester has made you feel, remember that “stranger danger” will always apply. Just because an environment is unfamiliar doesn’t always mean it’s unsafe, but it really is better to be safe than sorry. Use the buddy system if you’re in a group, and if you’re alone trust your instincts and don’t throw caution to the wind too readily. You can have fun even if you’re cautious, and exiting an uncomfortable situation is not rude.


Study Materials
Be realistic, keeping an unopened textbook and a shut-down laptop nearby does not count as studying. Don’t bring things along fooling yourself that you are going to use them if they’re just going to be another responsibility collecting dust in the corner.


Perdeby wishes everyone a happy, productive and safe recess!


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