Multi-party conflict

Student leaders from COPE and the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) stormed out of the second multi-party conference, which was held on Saturday 27 February.

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The 2010 roundup with Denver Hendricks

Prof. Denver Hendricks, Director of Community Engagement, serves as co-ordinator for the 2010 planning and his primary responsibility is to ensure the co-operation of university departments.

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“Perfecto!” says Maradona of HPC

The university’s High Performance Centre (HPC) played host to Diego Maradona, Argentinean national football couch on Tuesday 19 January. The central reason for the visit was to inspect the HPC facilities prior to the hosting of the Argentinean international football side. The delegation will be residing at the HPC for the duration of the Soccer World Cup, with several upgrades having been made to the venue for this reason. This inspection represents one of the final steps in finalising a formal agreement between Tuks and Argentina for the hosting of the soccer team.

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Tukkies kroon Joolkoningin vir 2010

Op 28 Januarie is die Joolkoningin vir 2010 in die Aula aangewys.

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UP brands feature with campus entities

Recent global trends point to the growing demand of students to have access on campus to convenience products and services. Business Enterprises at the University if Pretoria (BE at UP) was established to maximise these opportunities in the interest of the institution.

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