AfriForum Jeug bekommerd oor studente regte

Op 3 Maart 2011 het AfriForum Jeug ‘n persverklaring, in die vorm van ‘n skynhof, op die gras, buite die Aula, gegee. Die skynhof het gehandel oor AfriForum Jeug, wat glo dat studenteregte gebrekkig beskerm word deur die bestuur van die Universiteit van Pretoria.

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Ms van Vuuren’s final gift

Marijke van Vuuren, an English lecturer at the University of Pretoria, spent most of 2010 completing her D.Litt, which would have been submitted for examination early this year. She passed away 11 December 2011.

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Loud music banned in Hatfield bars

On Wednesday 16 February, the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ruled that only soothing background music will be allowed to play in Hatfield area bars Aandklas and Springbok Bar.

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Perdeby under attack

During a student parliamentary assembly held on 23 February, a mandate was tabled by the South African Students Congress (SASCO) requesting that an ombudsman or media tribunal be established for Perdeby.

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Campus security takes action

Mr Colin Fouché, Director of the Department of Security Services, has introduced a new strategy against drug abuse on campus and the...

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