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Blind cricketer graduates 
On 3 May, Kenneth Mabelane, a national blind cricketer, graduated with a degree in Music. According to an article posted on UP’s website, Mabelane has already released a song called “Make it better”, which is available online. “He will not let anything stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming an established musician,” the article said. Like any other journey, Mabelane’s has not been short of challenges. “You will always have issues with yourself,” he is quoted as saying. He chooses to draw strength from the guru Sri Ravi Shankar, who says that it is important for people to never “lose [their] smile and equanimity even for a moment”. Apart from continuing to pursue a music and sporting career, he hopes to further his studies in law and sports journalism.

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UP’s first PPE students graduate


On 9 May, UP students Ciaran Burks and Keah Challenor become UP’s first students to graduate with a triple major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The BSocSci undergraduate degree, of the Humanities faculty, was established at UP in 2013. According to the official undergraduate handbook, the qualification is an internationally recognised ‘brand’ that allows its graduates entry into various career fields that include economic and political policy-making, journalism and diplomatic service.

Keah Chancellor said that although the degree “certainly was not easy”, she feels that she has a broad knowledge of several disciplines and believes that she has received a well-rounded education. She added that she has learnt more about the world and about herself and that she feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to study in a field so intellectually demanding.

The degree has become popular among some of the world’s global elite, with former British Prime Minister David Cameron and media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, having both studied the degree at Oxford.

Challenor is now completing her honours in Philosophy at UP, while Burks is in the process of completing his honours in Economics at Wits.

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Students demand scrapping of application fee


Students at UP want the university to remove the R300 application fee from its application process.

The Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA) started an online petition to demand the scrapping of the application fee. In the petition, PASMA states: “In a country known for having the widest income inequality gap in the world, it is important that the university ensures that it is not adding financial obstacles which will prevent the poor from entering its gates. The application fee works to filter the diversity of students entering the university as the poorest who cannot afford such fees are left with no option but to apply to universities that do not charge such a fee.”

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New student parking opens


The new student parking currently under development at UP’s Hatfield campus will officially open to students on 15 May.

The new parking area comes after UP busses were moved from the Hatfield campus to an interim bus terminal situated on the corner of Duxbury and Herold Street. According to UP Director of Facilities Management, Professor Susan Adendorff, congestion of busses on the Ring Road of the Hatfield Campus prompted the moving of the busses off campus. The interim bus terminal currently occupies the northern part of the H29 (adjacent to the Lunnon Street entrance) student parking lot.

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Semester in review



The first semester of 2017 is coming to a close and a lot has happened around UP’s campuses. 2017 opened with the news that the Temporary Student Council (TSC), appointed by UP Management in 2016, would continue to operate in place of the Student Representative Council (SRC). The appointment came after SRC elections in 2016 were not concluded due to protests. The TSC was appointed to temporarily carry out SRC duties in 2017 until the SRC’s reinstatement, which would occur after the elections set to take place in the second semester. UP faced a res crisis after members of political parties on campus rallied for students who were left without a place to stay.

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