CSA&G senior staff member faces sexual harassment charges


On 16 October a group of students and volunteers at the Centre for Sexualities, Aids and Gender (CSA&G) held a demonstration against a senior staff member who has been accused of harassing, manipulating and intimidating volunteers and staff members of the centre in order to solicit sexual favours.

The silent protest was intended to represent the perceived silencing of the persons who brought claims forward against the accused senior staff member.

The senior staff member is facing allegations that include harassing and manipulating students for sexual favours, threatening student volunteers and staff members for informing volunteers that he is married, offering student volunteers jobs and promising them international trips to solicit sexual favours, spreading rumours about student volunteers who reject his offers and making arrangements to fire them from the Centre, among other things. During the demonstration, the demonstrators held placards that represented a timeline of events from the time the matter was reported to the Centre’s management.

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Gather Online comes to South Africa


Gather Online is a social media platform based in Australia and was founded by a South African, David Price. The spokesperson for Gather Online and SA 5FM DJ, Linda Mbuso, highlighted the central goal this platform aims to achieve. “At our core we bring together like minded people who want to share, contribute to and grow ideas with other like-minded individuals. [The platform is] very simple to use, an individual uploads a topic and people who have comments or insight on that particular topic will contribute, thus creating a gathering around that issue,” he explained.

The application launched over four years ago and is being used in the USA, India and Vietnam. According to Mbuso, there is a shortage of applications that can really accommodate for unlimited characters, which is why Gather Online can cater well for students as an informal setting where they can discuss lectures or other issues affecting student life. The app is not just one for messaging but allows the “enhancement of student lives” since it is an international network and people from other parts of the world can have insight on each forum as well.

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Campus News Bites 23 October 2017

UP professor elected as first female SASAS president

Prof. Esté van Marle-Köster, head of the Department of Animal and Wildlife Sciences in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, has been elected as the first female president of the South African Society for Animal Science (SASAS).

For the past 22 years, Prof. van Marle- Köster has been involved in teaching and learning. She joined UP in 1995 where she completed a PhD(Agric) degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics. Prof. van Marle-Kösteris a registered Professional Animal Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions.

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SRC member apologises for using a racial slur


Kyle Goosen, SRC representative for Marketing Media and Communications is facing an internal disciplinary hearing for calling SRC president Kwena Moloto N***er.

On 18 October, Goosen took to Facebook to explain the circumstances behind his use of the slur. According to Goosen, on 15 September, the night before a Department of Student Affairs camp, a team building event took place for SRC members.

Over the course of the evening, the team instructor conducted an activity where the group members had to greet one another “in stereotypical ways of different nationalities, [for example] an English gentleman, an Irish man, a lumber jack and an American gangster”. In the Facebook post Goosen writes that, “The way in which he [the instructor] pulled his pants down and enacted [sic] his way of what he believed American gangsters act like.”

It was at this point that Goosen and his group were greeting each other in American accents, that he said to Moloto, “what’s up my ni**a.”

Goosen claims that he did not think about what he had said and “did not [intend] this word as derogatory or relating to race”.

He stated that when Moloto spoke to him about the use of the word, he apologised to him “for not being mindful of the severity [sic] such a word has”.

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TRWLA host year-end graduation ceremony


On 19 October the TuksRes Women in Leadership Academy (TRWLA) hosted their annual year-end graduation ceremony at TuksMonate.

The academy was founded in 2014 by Cyan Brown, a final year medicine student. TRWLA aims to empower women by enriching their lives at university. Leadership skills are often obtained through workshops, motivational talks and community service programs. The event was held to acknowledge young women who participated in the program. Keynote speakers included CEO of Sigma Capital and Harvard University graduate, Phuti Mahanyele as well as world-renowned media personality, Tumi Makgabo.

According to Mahanyele, most people avoid their true dreams and tend to live by building the dreams of others instead of their own. She also mentioned that women have a purpose. In spite of women being less represented in senior management positions, she reiterated that women are in fact “more ambitious than men at entry level”. Mahanyele was listed as one of Forbes’ 20 youngest power women in Africa.

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