TUKS FM Woolly Winter campaign


Since early June, Tuks FM has been running their annual Woolly Winter campaign, where members of the public as well as students and staff of the university are encouraged to submit donations to the Tuks FM studio.

In a press release statement, the radio station acknowledges that for many students, “winter consists of fighting the icy cold”. Furthermore, this year’s unstable economic climate has highlighted the dire need students have for food, toiletries, warm clothing and textbooks that students have. “We’ll take anything, really,” Patrick Maloyi, station manager of Tuks FM said. However, he noted that in previous years, the station received a huge response for toiletries and textbooks.

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UP Withdraws from ATKV Serenade


UP has withdrawn from the annual ATKV Serenade Competition.

In a letter addressed to the ATKV, Prof. Koornhof, acting Vice-principal of Student Affairs, stated the reasons for UP’s withdrawal from the competition. According to Prof. Koornhof, the decision to withdraw was considered in 2016 due to #AfrikaansMustFall protests and subsequent transformation talks. Prof. Koornhof said, “The University decided in 2016 not to withdraw from the competition due to the fact that the national final round was to be held at UP.”

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Tuks FM’s 67 hours for media freedom


From 15 to 18 July, Tuks FM had a non-stop 67 hour-long drive by three of its presenters – Caitlin Webb, Nathi Dlamini and Duane van Wyk – in celebration of Mandela Day. Mandela Day took place on 18 July.

Coined #TuksFm67HoursBroadcastForMediaFreedom, it was the station’s way of commemorating Mandela Day.

As Mandela was historically revered as being the voice of the oppressed, Patrick Maloyi, Station Manager at Tuks FM, said, “The broadcast will serve as a reminder that many, like Madiba, gave up their freedom so that we can enjoy ours.”

In a press release statement, Maloyi said “with concern” that freedom of expression has been under attack where South Africa has seen “recent events spotlighting the intimidation of journalists”. “Freedom of expression is entrenched in the constitution thus it should be protected,” he added.

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2018 SRC Elections under way


The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) has announced that the election season for the 2018 SRC has commenced. In a statement released on 18 July, the DSA announced that the polls for the 2018 SRC elections will run from 21 to 23 August between 07:00 and 19:00, via an e-voting system. Nominations opened on 18 July and will close at 16:00 on 1 August.

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Students suspended over alleged hostage incident

On 26 May, a female UP staff member was allegedly “held hostage” in the Merensky library by four UP students. According to a statement released by UP, the students had also been concealing a weapon, but the incident “was swiftly resolved by police and campus security services and no one was injured”. The four students have been suspended from the university. According to UP’s media liaison, Rikus Delport, the students will face disciplinary action and possible criminal charges.
According to a statement released by EFFSC UP Branch, Surprise Silowe who is the branch’s chairperson, Neo Mashaba who is the branch’s political officer and general member, and Thulani Masilela a general member of the branch, were allegedly suspended for engaging in “a robust and progressive program of ensuring that the executive listen to them and immediately schedule a meeting after numerous attempts of internal processes of pleading for a meeting which have been undermined”. The statement also accused UP of being “anti-EFF” and also condemned previous suspensions and expulsions of other members of the party.

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